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Introducing WaterSOLV pHix

Why pHix?

We want everyone to experience the trickle-down effects of available hydration, nutrition, chlorides remediation and continuous chemical aerification offered by our WaterSOLV Curative and WaterSOLV BC so we developed a combination product. We had to create a different product because the two parent products are too reactive to mix together without being sufficiently diluted. So here you have it, all in one, but 4 times the normal application rate due to necessary dilution, and not as a precise ratio as could be for your specific conditions. Regardless, the results observed will be stunning - available nutrition and oxygen while detoxifying the bad elements.

This is the sustainable WaterSOLV Program. 

  • convert scale to nutrition - releases bound nutrition - mitigates chloride salts including sodium, adds much needed dissolved oxygen into the soil profile 

  • restore infiltration - maintains higher and longer soil moisture profiles

  • impact soils, turf, even vegetation and trees  

  • apply topically or by injection

  • compatible with most topically sprayed products, sprayers and acid injection pumps

  • make most products more soluble and responsive

  • remediate with chemistry that targets troublesome chronic brown areas - say bye to fairy ring

  • fix chronic turf brown spots without regard to N, NO3-N, Cl concentrations & biofilms

  • 30 to 90-day process to begin seeing the vast impact

  • manipulate response time by increasing application rate

  • NEW - downloadable mobile phone / tablet app. to make precise calculations for topical application rates (search HCT) - Click link to access download

It’s difficult for some to try our Curative and BC formulas respectively due to their high concentration that potentially require new injection systems.  pHix removes costly and stressful barriers to entry and makes our chemistry that much more accessible to every avenue of agronomy.  

Application Rates are 4 times that of our Concentrates. For the application rate meeting your water, your soils and your frequency of application, download our Topical Application Rate Calculator to your phone or tablet and multiply the general rate by 4. The app is only available for iPhone and Android. 

Change your water, change your world. You've never seen anything like it! 

Our specialty is to put predictability in control of your time and resources. When traditional modalities have proven costly, moderately effective, decreasing in effectiveness or you're just ready to see a new level of responsive technology, the easy application options of WaterSOLV pHix are the answer. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Available in 5, 55 and 275 gl. containers

Rule of thumb - curation rate, fixing water and mending the soil, estimate 64 to 128 fl. ounces (gl.) per acre a month when watering about 500,000 gallons a night. 

Email us at | (888) 788-5807

Making Water a Better Solution

Sustainable Chemistry & Biology to Water

Well-Klean©, WaterSOLV, Water Treatment for Agronomy, Water pHix

& WaterSOLV Grow are trade names of HCT, LLC

Select products are accredited by NSF Standard 60, ANSI, Standards Council of Canada, and the California Department of Food & Agriculture



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