Introducing WaterSOLV pHix

Why pHix?

We want everyone to experience the trickle-down effects of available hydration, nutrition, chlorides remediation and continuous chemical aerification offered by our WaterSOLV Curative and WaterSOLV BC so we developed a combination product. We had to create a different product because the two parent products are too reactive to mix together without being sufficiently diluted. So here you have it, all in one, but 4 times the normal application rate due to necessary dilution, and not as a precise ratio as could be for your specific conditions. Regardless, the results observed will be stunning - available nutrition and oxygen while detoxifying the bad elements.

This is the sustainable WaterSOLV Program. 

  • convert scale to nutrition - releases bound nutrition - mitigates chloride salts including sodium, adds much needed dissolved oxygen into the soil profile 

  • restore infiltration - maintains higher and longer soil moisture profiles

  • impact soils, turf, even vegetation and trees  

  • apply topically or by injection

  • compatible with most topically sprayed products, sprayers and acid injection pumps

  • make most products more soluble and responsive

  • remediate with chemistry that targets troublesome chronic brown areas - say bye to fairy ring