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We excel where scale, corrosion, and biology hinder processes in agriculture, turf, nurseries, water wells, landscape, ponds, marine, drip lines, above and underground emitters. Through proprietary chemistry, science, biology, refined and perfected processes, we identify the problems and fix them. We chemically convert scale to nutrition, restore soil infiltration, detoxify chloride salts including sodium, create and aerobic soil profile, sustainably enhancing crop vitality, grade and even yields usually around 13% with 15-20% less water. Black layer, fairy ring, puddling water, slosh, sodium burn, aerification, sanding, bacteria slime, sod replacement, unnecessary tilling, flushing salts, all minimized at a lower overall cost, with HCT's proprietary chemical additives and our mutual expertise in application and management. Select products are registered with NSF Standard 60, Canadian Standards Council, ASTM, UL and the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Technology is founded on chemistry, science, biology and physics, with exceptional, reproducible results nationwide. Contains no sulfur, sulfate, urea, nitrogen or sodium. Organic registration is in process (1/2021)


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Making Water a Better Solution™ | Sustainable Chemistry & Biology to Water™

Well-Klean©, WaterSOLV™, Water Treatment for Agronomy™, Water pHix™ & WaterSOLV™ Grow are trade names of HCT, LLC

Select products are accredited by NSF Standard 60, ANSI, Standards Council of Canada, and the California Department of Food & Agriculture

Year Established




3M +

Water Wells Rehabilitated 

Turf Facilites Served

1.5K +

185 +


Wells - Scientifically diagnose and prescribe remediation techniques for optimum and durable remediation of water wells.

Agronomy & Turf - Diagnose and prescribe precise water treatment and soil remediation for optimum vegetation vitality. Analytical Interpretations and Recommendations for water and soil.

Mitigate Mussels and Snails (convert back to nutrition)

Increase agronomic efficiencies, ROI and cause sustainability in agronomy. 

Mitigate chronic agronomical challenges. 

Maintain supporting technology founded on chemistry, biology and physics - governed by fundamental chemical properties and principles including polarity, molecular structure, intermolecular interactions, thermodynamics, and equilibriums.