More than 900 wells - 3 million acres of agriculture

100+ golf courses & sports facilities - The majority of the AZ nursery market  

100% success rate - Performance Guaranteed

Water Treatment to Agronomy  

Convert water hardness (TDS/EC) and soil cementation to high grade nutrition, disassociate chloride from sodium and calcium, render sodium inert/non-toxic - utilize peroxide to sustain an aerobic water and soil profile, alleviating slime, black, red and gray matter. Increase vegetation vitality and productivity through infiltration, available nutrition, added amino acetates, less water and less money. More & getting started... 


Water Well Rehabilitation / Restoration 

"Predictable Outcomes" utilizing HCT's proprietary science, chemistry and algorithms, combined with processes, tools and procedures. Optimum results that last. Pump in place (insitu) bio-remediation - Well recovery and or restoration - Stuck pump removal - Over 800 wells served over just 4 years - mostly municipal potable drinking water wells located throughout the western USA. More & getting started... 

Turf, Landscape, Nurseries 

We have restored infiltration through water treatment, so effective, you can aerify and not break a tine and even flush pigments out of the greens! From 100% reclaimed water, hard water, soft water, blended water, canal, pond, estuary, well water, and varying conditions like rainfall, wind, heat, evapotranspiration, elevation, humidity; all of these variables have been normalized successfully with two chemical additives exceeding the expectations of more than 60 golf course superintendents. More & getting started... 

See our list of clients - Agriculture, Turf, Water Wells and Nurseries. 


 Just 3 to 5 gallons of chemistry (3-5 ppm) to 1 million gallons of water 

is changing the world of water chemistry and biology to agronomy.

The Culprits: Minerals, Metals, Microbes, Shells, Sodium & Chloride

Scale, shells, caliche, pipe scale and rust are the complexed form of TDS & EC, bound by carbonate and oxides, readily available as high grade nutrition or back to TDS with HCT Solutions - converting problematic scale to beneficial nutrition - displacing sulfurous acids and gypsum.

Our Story 

We definitely planned to change the world of water well rehabilitation, but we surely did not plan to change the world of agronomy or water. We saw some chemical technology and did our own due diligence. We asked; why sulfurous acid, why gypsum, why black matter, why iron bacteria, why available nutrition yet brown spots, why bunkers won’t grow grass, sand traps and low-lying areas tend to plug up before anything else? Carbonate, sodium, bacteria and their nutrition, the slimes created by bacteria (polysaccharide) and even more, like low pH and nitrogen blocking oxygen transport are the underlying culprits for lack of infiltration, sodium toxicity and all the frustrations that come with less than perfect water sources.   


We have held off on producing a white paper in lieu of  empirical testing in varying waters, soils and environments on more than 3 million acres of agronomy throughout the western USA – starting with water wells, then nurseries, then agriculture, then turf all over a 4.5 year span. Operators at the end of their rope have been our most frequent customers. 

We found a UC Davis study that showed "evaporative salts of strong acids are not dissolved by strong acids". You might Google the solubility of calcium salts, the acetate form is the most soluble, the carbonate form is pretty soluble, the sulfate form is insoluble. Google gypsum, I mean drywall, I mean desiccant – and competition of roots for the water molecule. Is scale and shells not once soluble TDS, now TDS in the physical form, bound by biology and or carbonate? When you dissolve scale in acid, does the carbonate gas off and the scale goes back to TDS? But what about when the solute dries and is neutralized, does it form the denser scale that does not re-dissolve and hinders infiltration (thank you UC Davis). Try putting a gypsum rosette back into solution, versus just about any other form of calcium complex including silicate.  


How is it agronomically - chemically possible, to dissolve more scale with 34% HCl compared to 94% sulfuric - displace a tanker truck load of 5,500 gallons of sulfuric with 550 gallons of WaterSOLV Curative, that you can actually soak your hands in without damage (but a light skin peel in a few days)? The key is to prevent carbonate from re-attaching to the cations so they don't crystallize. 


Finally, we don't have to re-dissolve the very scale we dissolved before, and we've added ions that make the minerals nutrition as quazi-acetates. We go a step further with both products, detoxifying sodium. Hardness, scale to nutrition by displacing carbonate while detoxifying sodium. Then there is the biology component that must be considered! 


What’s the treated water look like; pH suppression, bicarbonate and chloride reduction, sodium not causing issues yet still present, readily and easily flushed or respirated through the vegetation, present and available nutrition irrespective of pH values or soil types - alkali constituents converted to soluble nutrition with weak acids and anions suppressing pH values effective as high as 8.4 and sodium levels to an undetermined endpoint.  


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Investigative Water Consulting & Design

Reclaimed Treatment
Water Well Rehab, Restoration 

Water Re-use  

Salt  & Mineral Treatment & Remediation

Drip line, emitter cleaning

Water Treatment for water, soil and turf
Organic corrosion inhibitor
Anionic Surfactant
Wetting Agent
Prevention & Curative  
Car Wash Water Treatment

Black Layer, black matter remediation

Dewatering well water treatment 

Zebra & Quagga Mussel mitigation

Polar Protic Solvent Salt Mitigation

MIC Microbiologicaly Induced Corrosion

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Sulfate Reducing and Iron Reducing Bacteria

Chloride Remediation

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