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New Product Announcement: Injection Quill Extension

We are excited to share our new injection quill extensions; another HCT innovation at work. Pump manufacturers supply injection quills, but nobody was offering an inexpensive quill extension that would allow the placement of the chemistry into the center of the distribution water piping, that would also hold any residual chemistry in the quill when systems were drained or depressurized.

Introducing HCT’s innovative universal injection quill “extension”. You would still use the factory injection quill inserted into a ball valve, and then attach the quill extension to the ball valve. The quill entension is a closed end pipe with multiple micro holes along the top. The closure holds the chemistry in place and the micro holes distribute it throughout the water flow from the top of the quill.

We offer both 6 and 4 inch extensions that can also be adjusted for a reduced insertion depth with reducer bushing(s). They have no moving parts, no springs, no rubber gasket, they are inexpensive, dependable and durable, no ball or check valve assembly. They are designed and positioned to deter siphoning.  

One of our many goals at HCT is engineering improved components in order to optimize ease of use and results.

Contact HCT or your dealer for pricing or shop injection quill extensions and more on our website.

While water and vegetation issues are universal their causes are complex and specific. That's why we created our own soil and water testing matrix to create custom prescriptions for our customers that are aimed at solving the source of problems, and reducing the need not only for wetting agents, sulfuric acid, gypsum and manual aerification, but reducing the need for our chemistry as well. Most of our long term users are on maintenance programs using just 1-6 ppm of a custom percentage of each product injected directly into their irrigation system.

From turf to wells to agriculture, WaterSOLV™ is challenging conventional water and soil treatment practices and solving problems previously thought to be manageable at best.

HCT's purpose and privilege is providing sustainable and cost effective solutions to the chronic problems that plague soil health in the world of water and agronomy. We consistently reduce water demand 15% and increase crop yields 18% and more. When you treat water ‘well’ with WaterSOLV you increase efficiency, decrease costs, increase yield, improve pore space and add oxygen chemically. We can show you how to restore soil infiltration and soil operability just by treating your water and for substantially less than you're spending now.



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