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Water & SoIL

Testing Program

Send us the data you have, or preferably use our improved matured methods.


We scientifically identify your problems


We provide a prescription to remediate soils and sustain soil integrity


Track REAL progression

Water & Soil Testing

Send us the data you have, or order our improved LEGACY TESTING methods, we must know;

  1. The quality of the water put on the ground hydrating, feeding, toxifying the soil and vegetation

  2. The bacteria in the water, and the potentials that exist in the soil to perpetuate problems from the bacteria reproduction and their wastes. 

  3. What your soil releases for the plant to uptake, beneficial, toxic, available or depleted reserves, using your water and ideally your water treated with WaterSOLV

  4. The total soil nutrition and toxins, including physical indicators including biology, infiltration rate, moisture retention and moisture depth, also bulk density.

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Identify - Expertise

If you are reaching out to us, you’re likely looking for some answers/solutions that you’ve been looking for and have yet to find. This is who we are, a complete and matured approach to testing methods, water and soil chemistry, biology, science, physics, existing conditions and environmental influences for agronomy and vegetation. 


Improved data shows us what is going on, or it shows us indicators that lead us into a validated direction. In most cases soils need remediation and water needs help. Remediation to liberate accumulated nutrition, minerals and metals, improve infiltration by solubilizing complexed salts, detoxifying sodium and chloride, bio-remediating bio-films and bio-exudates, cause and or create pore space, get treatment down, break down soil confining layers (bio or calcareous, or both). What is/are the problems with the water, the available nutrition, the total soil composition, and what’s needed to get it back on track. 

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We’ll see the needs from a host of perspectives, water, available soil nutrition, total soil composition, beneficial cations, toxins, biology, metals and soil physicality through the root zone. We’ll write a prescription for the remediation of the soil, and the treatment of the water, through the treatment of water or perhaps topical application(s).

Initial prescription is the needs of the water and added chemistry to begin remediating the soil. Chemically liberating drinkable nutrition, physically opening pore space to get treated water / available nutrition and medicine to the root zones.


Supplemental chemistry to the problematic areas in addition to needle tining, with topical spraying. Needle tine greens and areas of soil that have challenges with infiltration. 


Once adequate remediation is realized by infiltration, detoxification, healthy vegetation and uniformity, remediation rates are reduced to Water Treatment Rates. Water Treatment Rates sustain soil integrity; infiltration rate, moisture depth, available nutrition and soil nutritional reserves.

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  1. Periodic Water & Bac T Testing. Adjust Treatment levels as needed. 

  2. Periodic Available Soil Nutrition Analysis. Add as needed.

  3. Track Total soil conditions, replenish as needed.

  4. Trend nutrients values and nutrient additions.

  5. Monitor Infiltration rate and depth.

Significantly impacted to your favor: Uniformity, reduction in necessities; fungicides, aerifications, top dressings, thatch removal, compaction removal, wetting agents, watering to water versus watering to flush, water use efficiency (+/-15%), vegetation vitality, crop production, soil health. 

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