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CDFA Approved and OMRI Listed - A highly acidic, extremely concentrated mixture. Applied to water hardness conditions, with additional amounts of product added where remediation of soils is necessary. May also be applied topically but usually not the best approach. Primary purpose is to treat water and fix soils by dissolving bonds of bicarbonates, valence and chlorides (minerals, metals & nutrients) to form always re-hydratable products, while at the same time sequestering the toxicity of sodium and chloride. Use rates are typically 1/10th that of sulfurous acids. Gradually restores soil pore space. Not pH dependent, not corrosive to the skin. Sustainable to vegetation and soil integrity. Usually displaces the need for sulfuric acid and gypsum (calcium sulfate). A catalyst to WaterSOLV™ BC. Ideal for all forms of irrigation, compatible with most fertilizers, apply at discharge side of pump stations by continuous chemical injection. The impacts of the product to soil remediation, available nutrients, crop vitality and production yields will usually offset the entire cost of the WaterSOLV™ Program. WaterSOLV™ Curative ORGANIC incorporates a trace amount of Cu for biocidal attributes. 


Use Rates: Linear to water hardness & bicarbonate, plus existing conditions (i.e. soil conditions). Water treatment typically ranges from ½ to as much as 4 gl. per million gallons of water and could be more. Keep in mind, water hardness is nutrition if properly treated. Use of 2 to 4 times the rates are prescribed to achieve water penetration, to gradually remediate/harvest the remaining elements in the soil for nutrition, then scaled back to treat water (and added nutrients) alone. It’s imperative to overtreat and over water 2x to 4x the treatment and water when sodium and or chloride soil levels are excessive. Typically, water use is reduced 15% due to water penetration and soils retention of the water.


Packaging: 5 gl pail - 55 gl. drum - 265 gl. tote - 5,400 Tanker 

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CDFA Approved – Available as Organic:  For years HCT talks about Minerals, Metals, Microbes and Sodium as a total approach to sustainable water and soil treatment. WaterSOLV™ BC is our solution to microbes and more; an inhibited yet catalyzed peroxide-based solution to treat slime and black layer (iron and sulfate reducing bacteria, black layer, root rot, fungal challenges), which the major ingredient biodegrades to valuable dissolved oxygen and water. We refer to this action as continuous chemical aerification. Used in combination with WaterSOLV™ Curative a higher degree of peroxide is formed and without the fear of yellowing or damaging vegetation. Non-corrosive and usually applied at the suction side of pump stations, the chemistry suppresses biological problems in wet well, filter screens, as well as contains the base properties of WaterSOLV™ chemistry to sequester water minerals and metals while detoxifying chloride and sodium. A remarkable replacement for frequency of aerification, as well as peracetic acid where disinfection / EPA credentials are not necessary. For the treatment of shells, please refer to WaterSOLV™ Curative. 

Use Rates: Linear to source water “Total Bacteria” with additional treatment for remediating soil conditions. Usually injected prior to the pump station. Usually from 1 qt. to 1.75 gl. per million gallons of water.


Packaging: 5 gl pail - 53 gl drum - 300 gl tote


All-in-one. The power of WaterSOLV™ Curative and WaterSOLV™ BC in one container. Substantially diluted in water for the two products to stay compatible. Extremely user friendly, compatible with most all fertilizers. No need to worry about soils conditions of sodium or NO3-N. Excellent wetting agent to fertilizers. Excellent remediation solution for solving problems from cementation to slosh. May be used at extremely aggressive rates, as much as 500 ppm, on a weekly basis to improve soils – pore space, available nutrition and oxygen while mitigating black layer, iron bacteria and chloride salts and toxicity. 


Use Rates: 1 to 5 gallons per acre.


Packaging: 5 gl. pail – 55 gl. drum – 265 gl. tote