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A sustainable solution. A highly acidic, extremely concentrated mixture. Applied to water hardness conditions, with additional amounts of product added where remediation of soils is necessary. Primary purpose is to treat water and fix soils by dissolving bonds of bicarbonates, valence and chlorides (minerals, metals & nutrients) to form always re-hydratable nutrition. At the same time, detoxifying sodium and chloride. Use rates are typically 1/10th that of sulfurous acids while simultaneously reducing gypsum demand. Gradually restores soil pore space and lowers the associated bulk density, though not a necessity of the program to work. Not pH dependent, not corrosive to the skin. Ideal for all forms of irrigation, compatible with most fertilizers, apply at discharge side of pump stations by continuous chemical injection. The impacts of the product to soil remediation, available nutrients, vegetation vitality, heat stress resistance, traffic tolerance, uniformity of play and predictability, with offsets and efficiencies that usually cover the entire cost of the WaterSOLV Program. Classified as a non-nutrient, Auxiliary Soil and Plant Substance (ASPS) and certified by the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Contains no nitrogen or urea. Performance is guaranteed.


Use Rates: Linear to water hardness & bicarbonate, plus existing conditions (i.e. soil conditions). Water treatment typically ranges from ½ to as much as 4 gl. per million gallons of water and could be more. Keep in mind, water hardness is nutrition if properly treated. Use of 2 to 4 times the rates are prescribed to achieve water penetration, to gradually remediate/harvest the remaining elements in the soil for nutrition, then scaled back to treat water (and added nutrients) alone. It’s imperative to overtreat and over water 2x to 4x the treatment and water when sodium and or chloride soil levels are excessive. Typically, water use is reduced 15% due to water penetration and soils retention of the water. 

Packaging: 55 gl. drum - 265 gl. tote - 5,400 Tanker 


For years HCT talks about Minerals, Metals, Microbes and Sodium as a total approach to sustainable water and soil treatment. WaterSOLV BC is our solution to microbes and more. WaterSOLV BC is an inhibited yet catalyzed peroxide-based solution to treat slime and black layer (iron and sulfate reducing bacteria), a product that also detoxifies the soluble salts sodium and chloride, that also sequesters soluble mineral and metals to available nutrition, and finally of which the majority of the product biodegrades to valuable dissolved oxygen and water. We refer to the biodegradation as continuous chemical aerification. Used in combination with WaterSOLV CURATIVE a higher degree of peroxide is formed and without the fear of yellowing or damaging vegetation, even at extreme use levels. Ideal for remediating soils suffering from black layer and root rot (technically SRB and its exudates of deadly hydrogen sulfide gas). Ideal for restoring infiltration of water and nutrition in all types of soil, including golf course greens, all cases where primarily biofilms of bacteria are suspected or detected to have formed a sheeting of like plastic wrap (technically called polysaccharide). Also, a core product with WaterSOLV CURATIVE where needed, for the ongoing treatment or remediating of drip lines, emitters and or topical biomatter issues. Non-corrosive and usually recommended to be applied at the suction side of pump stations – never into the pond, always into the suction side of the pump station. Classified as a non-nutrient, Auxiliary Soil and Plant Substance (ASPS) and certified by the California Department of Food and Agriculture.

Use Rates: Linear to source water “Total Bacteria” with additional treatment for remediating soil conditions. Usually injected prior to the pump station. Usually from 1 qt. to 1.75 gl. per million gallons of water. Must be kept out of direct sunlight even when in use. See hazards for storage, handling and drainage. NEVER use without access to ample rinse water and eye protection. 

Packaging: 53 gl drum – 300 gl tote 


All-in-one. The power of WaterSOLV CURATIVE and WaterSOLV BC in one container. Substantially diluted in water for the two products to stay compatible. Extremely user friendly, compatible with most all fertilizers. No need to worry about soils conditions of sodium or NO3-N. Excellent wetting agent to fertilizers. Excellent remediation solution for solving problems from cementation to slosh. May be used at extremely aggressive rates, as much as 500 ppm, on a weekly basis to improve soils – pore space, available nutrition and oxygen while mitigating black layer, iron bacteria and chloride salts and toxicity.


Applied at rates near 1 gl. per acre on a weekly or semi-weekly basis for restoring infiltration and draining, flushing salts and matter (including bio films, bio-matter, black layer, SRB, minerals, metals, paint pigment and organic wastes, inclusive of toxic wastes and gasses). 

pHix is considered a gateway product to trial and engagement with HCT’s concentrate products program and chemigation.

Packaging: 5 gl. pail – 55 gl. drum – 265 gl. tote 


WaterSOLV GROW is designed where problem areas are not so calcareous, but more biological, bio-film, bio-waste, areas that stay wet, contain black layer, musty odor, odor, perhaps fungi, mold, mildew, yeast, disease. Also, for conditions like root rot and sodium toxicity. WHAT DOES GROW DO? Bio-remediation, sodium detoxification, adds oxygen, sequesters soluble salts (minerals and metals in water, including hardness, but not for calcareous soil remediation – see pHix), providing a more healthy and nutrient rich drink from water and soil, for vegetation uptake. 

Packaging: 5 gl. pail – 55 gl. drum – 265 gl. tote 

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