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Zero pH WaterSOLV Converts Scale to Nutrition

WaterSOLV Curative has a zero pH is yet basically non-corrosive to metal and hands and naturally, quickly and healthfully puts precipitated minerals back into solution, as nutrition, and readily available with water for plant uptake.

Shells and scale are simply complexed minerals. TDS is the visual form. Bound up nutrition, that HCT has figured out how to harvest into viable nutrition. Today we use sulfurous / N-pHuric acids, adding hydrogen to gas off carbonate and increase the solubility of the water and availability of the nutrients in the water for the plant uptake. But what we fail to see are the reacts beyond that, where UC Davis showed the evaporative salts of strong acids become denser scales that don't re-dissolve. No wonder our infiltration tends to get worse. But there is more, we are adding excessive sulfur that bacteria feed upon which with water can lead to black matter / root rot / hydrogen sulfide toxicity, and colonies of bacteria that then form slime (technically polysaccharide, which is resistant to just about everything but physical removal, Manganese and iron bacteria cause the same problems. And there is even more, where salt as in sodium and chloride gets harbored, caught up in the matrix' and when hydrated they damage plant cells.

What happens when you put scale into acid is the carbonate gasses off (the binder), and the scale goes back into solution. Now what happens when you let that solution dry and you try to re-hydrate it? That's where WaterSOLV is at work. Buy using WaterSOLV to modify the salts, and protonate the sodium, sodium is detoxified (still present) and cations are converted to quazi acetates that are now readily available nutrition and will not take on carbonate again and scale. The "Trickle Down Effect" is visually stunning, you won;t believe your eyes. It all comes from available nutrition and hydration through infiltration.

Once WaterSOLV is added, gasses are released and the scales dissolve completely over the course of a few hours what was once 500 TDS water becomes 30,000 + TDS of nutrition - the same TDS of sea water yet by calcium salts, not sodium.

This is 34% hydrochloric acid, the same acid you put in your pool, pH is completely zero, you can see the activity, minimal foaming, and you can reach your hand into it while its actively corroding the shells and scale without adverse effects due to an organic inhibitor. It also protects metals, only effecting carbon dioxide. All of that scale will be dissolved in 3 hours.

Once WaterSOLV treated scale is evaporated, it will be powder and readily rehydratable with water so you're never blocking infiltration and you're providing nutrition that's available in the optimal form for plant uptake. The plant does not have the scale crystals causing heat stress. This is why WaterSOLV users often experience growth increase size and rate, even during summer months.

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