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Turning Scale to Sodium that Can Flush

The Solubility of Salts and Water: Why Salt Won't Flush and How to

Break Through all the Different Kinds of Scale

Different types of carbonate bound scale salts treated with our WaterSOLV Curative chemistry include:

  • evaporative scale off of a swamp cooler

  • thermally precipitated scale from a water well

  • sea shells

  • calcite crystals

  • struvite which is formed from dairy effluent

  • calcium phosphate scale from a golf course sprinkler system

  • caliche

  • silica scale

  • iron silica scales

Pure distilled water does nothing to break down minerals that have already taken on carbon dioxide and complexed. When we purify water, taking TDS out, we only cause the water to be able to absorb more TDS. Once the water has absorbed a much TDS as it can take, it will not take any more. The solubility of various minerals in water varies vastly ie like sodium being very soluble and calcium being very insoluble.

Like sugar in ice tea, one spoon is TDS, the next spoon is insoluble and settles on the bottom of the glass. So if we water our scaled soils with pure water, will it fix our infiltration issues? If we get tons of rain, will it fix our scaled soil's infiltration issue?

Here is proof that deionized water does not solubilize scale. When we say WaterSOLV Curative is better than, we mean it scientifically, by treating water that will actually dissolve scale and also convert it to desirable nutrition for vegetation. From mussel and snail shells to calcium phosphate plugging strainers, it's bound up nutrition looking foe a means to get put back into solution where it came from.

Adding 25 ml of hydrochloric acid to these various forms of scale makes a big reaction. But when we add our WaterSOLV concentrate (12-17 mls) the rate of scale dissolution increases. The acid is rendered innocuous to the touch but still fuming. Non-urea based inhibitors protect cellulose and metals allowing the exchanges with only the bonds that cause scale to form and ionically satisfying quazi-acetates of amino, acetic, glycolic and other ingredients in our breakthrough proprietary chemistry called WaterSOLV.

WaterSOLV has now taken the place on the cation with the quazi-acetate solution keeping the minerals from taking on carbon dioxide, now in a rehydratable TDS nutritional form where added chemistry beyond treating the water allows us to harvest the complexed nutrition in our soils, evidence by compromised infiltration (or perhaps bio-films and colonies of bacteria which need different medicine).

Soil composition, agriculture, horticulture, well rehabilitation, car washes, tree farms, the toughest turf, the hardest water, snail shells, mussel shells, chronically clogged sprinkler heads, emitters; you don't need better water, you need to harvest the minerals in the water and detoxify salt. WaterSOLV Curative is commonly applied at just 1 gallon per acre ft. of water or 3 gallons per million gallons of water. For more science on WaterSOLV Solutions, visit our YouTube Channel.

Never before seen results - Sustainable Chemistry Outside the Box of Conventional Wisdom.

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