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Well-Klean® Case Study | Thomas Well No. 5

Case Study:

Thomas Well No. 5

Albuquerque, NM 2016

Thomas Well #5 was drilled in 1990 to a total cased depth of 1450’ deep. The static water level in 1990 was 483’ BGL. The flow rate was 2,290 GPM with a pumping level of 548’ BGL. The pump was set at 580’ BGL and the specific capacity of the well was calculated at 35.23 gallons per foot of draw down. Static water level before the well was plugged back was measured at 460’ BGL.

The well before plugging operations was 1419’ deep and after plug back operations was 987’ Deep. After the plug back of the well we re-installed the pumping equipment back into the well to a setting depth of 700’ BGL. Static water level was 474’, once pumping the well, it quickly drew down and pumped off. The engine was dialed back by RPM as far as possible while maintaining a flow rate of approximately 270GPM with the water approximately 10’ above the bowl assembly discharge for a pumping level of 690’ BGL. Calculated specific capacity was 1.19 Gallons per foot of draw down.

The pump was pulled out of the well and preparation was made to start the mechanical and chemical rehabilitation of this well. After rehabilitation was complete we proceeded to reinstall the pumping equipment back into the well. We started pumping and developing the well on March 31, 2016. We worked the well for some time and continued to take readings over a two-month period.

At the conclusion to this period when we did a formal start-up and turned the well over to XXXXXXXX for beneficial use, the well was producing 2,090GPM. The static water level was 483’ BGL before start-up, the pumping level was 558’ BGL, and the specific capacity of the well calculated at 27.87 Gallons per foot of drawdown. Well Rehabilitation Techniques: Well-Klean© Solutions, chemistry processes and procedures as prescribed by HCT, LLC. Remediate chemistry 180k, descale 10%, Neutralize/Passivate/Develop, Disinfect.

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