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We Pretty Much Don’t Run Water Without it On

Visual and measurable results in Turf and Agriculture after 8 months and 4 years respectfully; here are two case studies that show just how effective WaterSOLV™ is at providing solutions that work in the short and long term, as well as a product spotlight on our FS1 Turf and Landscape Chemigation System.

HCT Turf Customer Spotlight | Palm Beach Par 3 Florida

"We pretty much don’t run water without it on"

Tim Campbell in Palm Beach, Florida

Superintendent at Palm Beach Par Three for 18 years

February 2023

Palm Beach Par Three is a 36 acre course open 365 days a year that does 55,000 official rounds, although Tim explains that the true number is probably closer to 60,000. "Most people play more than one ball here. We are constantly packed, we have divots and ball marks everywhere.”

The entire course relies on a brackish well located in the middle of the property. "We are basically irrigating with salt. There is a ton of salt in the water and Mike Hamilton of Turf Dietitian thought this WaterSOLV™ product would be a way to deal with that issue." 

And Mike was right!

"We had trouble with the speckling on all the greens which they have always said to me they feel like was from the salt. And that has pretty much gone away since we switched to the product (WaterSOLV™). 

We had a couple of greens since we used another product where we got some speckled areas and then that slowly over time spread over the whole course. But since we switched to the product (WaterSOLV™) it's gone back away again. Eight months it's been, I believe."  Tim reports that they have two injection pumps in the chemical room that injects WaterSOLV™ into the irrigation every night. 

"We pretty much don’t run water without it on. We usually have that on and some kind of fertilizer. "

Palm Beach Par 3 -

WaterSOLV™ Program for Turf -

HCT AG Customer Spotlight | Almond Growers in California

"We had multiple issues; infiltration, chloride, along with salt also. Then we started using this, and the water started going into the ground."

Tony V in Wesley, California.

Almond Grower for over 10 years

February 2023

After years of utilizing common fertilizer, acid and foliar treatments, Tony had seen some success but noticed that results had begun steadily declining. He also had serious concerns about a relatively young orchard that was seriously struggling, and this is what prompted him to try the WaterSOLV™ Program.

"Over the years some of the practices we have been using have kind of fizzled out like the sulfuric acid and the calcium or gypsum process post-harvest, so we had our hands tied with figuring out some of these problems. "

"I met with David Rose from WaterTek and he came up with a plan that we should use this product called WaterSOLV™ Curative; an acid if you will. I’m not a scientist guy, but it’s an acid that basically unties fertilizers and micros in the ground that not only your tree can use but helps with infiltration and it helps with yield." 

After four years on the WaterSOLV™ program, Tony reports a shocking 20% yield increase on the treated orchards.

"We had a relatively young orchard, about ten years old, on its 10th leaf of independence on some pretty good ground and the yields there were just intolerable. So we needed to do something, we needed to find something and the WaterSOLV™ helped with our yield tremendously. You always have concerns with new products that aren’t 100 percent tested but our backs were against the wall. We needed to do something. So I took the risk and made the investment and it worked out for us." 

At this point in time in agriculture and especially in the almond industry, if you’re having issues that I’ve discussed like infiltration and chlorides you need to give this a shot because the prices in 2023 in the almond industry are going to go down even further. 

So I’ve done math on $1.30 lb almonds and you have got to get 2500 lbs. Some guys can do it easily but there is just some ground that needs extra help and it’s worth a try. Try it on a small block. 

Our pounds went up into the 23-24% from 2800 lbs to about 3400 lbs or 3450 lbs, which is huge. 

We work with a pretty good group and they come out and they give us a hand and we are pretty hands off. We just tell them where we want the system put and they do it. "

WaterSOLV™ Program for AG -

FS1 Chemigation System

HCT Turf Product Spotlight | FS1 Chemigation System for Turf and Landscape

We designed our custom Turf and Landscape Chemigation System to be simple, reliable, serviceable locally, and supported on-demand!

One FS-1 Switch Box per pump station reads flow from your existing pump station flow meter and relays pulses to up to three chemical injection pumps (HCT’s WaterSOLV™ Curative, WaterSOLV™ BC and customers choice of liquid fertilizer). The FS-1 Touch Pad Controller synchronizes flow with the pumps.

The constant flow of treatment to even the lowest quality water is the most efficient way to provide available hydration, nutrition, oxygen on demand with consistent application of HCT’s Sustainable Solutions.

If you want to get started or just get a better insight into soil and water metrics you may have never considered, our Analytic Soil and Water Testing Services are now available for online.

Contact HCT directly for a list of qualified distributors, dealers, representatives, engineers, PCA's and CCA's.

HCT, LLC | (888) 788-5807

Making Water a Better Solution™ | Sustainable Chemistry to Water™

Well-Klean©, WaterSOLV™, Water Treatment for Agronomy™

WaterSOLV™ pHix™ & WaterSOLV™ Grow are trade names of HCT, LLC



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