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HCT Chemigation Systems

June, 2022

Part 1 - Turf, Landscape System

Part 2 - Agriculture

NEW Chemigation Mounting System(s) Overview: Reliable, durable, nationally supported, inexpensive systems for applying HCT’s chemistry and a third product if needed, to turf and landscape applications. Optional systems by HCT are available for the agricultural marketplace, presented below.


FS-1 Smart Switch Box Chemical Feed pumps with adjustable flow logic, curtailed to HCT’s chemistry, volume and system pressure Acid Pump, Fertilizer Pump, Degassing Pump, our brand of pumps, or yours

Mounting Equipment Tracking and Logging Tools


FS-1 Smart Switch: Signals pumps there is flow, and to start pumping. Passes metered signals so the precise amount of chemistry can be put out based on the amount of water being pumped. Can operate up to 3 individual pumps, individually. Pumps are merely plugged into the controller for power, and logic cables connected to terminals. Chemical output volume is either managed at the pump (flow switch), or on the control panel (flow meter for variable water output flow rates). Chemical application rates can be adjusted for needs Remediation phases and the treatment phase of the program Adjusting soil conditions for desired conditions of play (tournaments) Adjusting for variations in water and biological conditions of water and soil. NEW - Tiered levels of password secured access to view, edit and adjust. NEW – Secured access to Water Use totalizing and resetting NEW - Compatible and equipped for either digital and analog flow meter signals.

NEW – USB in the PLC to provide for software upgrades Full NEMA 4x weather proof enclosure Fuse protected No maintenance requirements Extremely easy mounting and connections Use your own lock if necessary Nothing to corrode or fail. Compact – about 12 x 12 x 8 inches. Powered by one only, 110V, 20 amp, pigtail connection. Pumps powered by pigtails extended from the FS-1.


Smart pumps! They will take a signal and or operate based on on/off Specifically customized for HCT Chemistry and for customers customized fertilizer(s)

Upscaled product selection, 250 psi rating, NEMA 4X – designed to be in the elements!

Reliable and dependable Degassing pump for HCT’s WaterSOLV™ BC Support with same day service and shipping

NEW - Mounting Equipment

Designed by HCT Easy access, visibility, proper height, flexible options, wall or floor mount

Inexpensive Durable for internal or external placement

Tracking and Logging Tools

Paper, electronic, tools, inspect what you expect.


Designed to be plug and play, supported with immediate solutions, equipment, water and soil chemistry.


Making water viable for plant consumption, soil sustainability, optimum vitality and efficiencies.

Water & Soil Testing Methods Over and above conventional modalities that have been failing, saturating soils with unused nutrition, hindering crop production, water use efficiency and biological sustainability (aerobic).

Problem Solving

We study soils, chemistry, biology, shells and physics. We know environmental influences, and variables between growers, farm managers, and situations. You want answers, we know what questions to ask to give you solutions.


  1. 1” MPT 120VAC Weatherproof Flow Switch for 1 in to 6” Pipe

  2. 8 ft. Power Cord

  3. PD051-833SI, 1.1 GPH @ 150 PSI PVDF/PTFE Manual Metering Pump -or-

  4. PD061-843SI, 2.0 GPH @ 70 PSI PVDF/PTFE Manual Metering Pump

  5. “dumb” pumps, just on-off. On or off if there is flow

  6. Saddles 2” IPS with 1” FPT Installation Tap 2-1/2” IPS with 1” FPT Installation Tap 3” IPS with 1” FPT Installation Tap 4” IPS with 1” FPT Installation Tap 5” IPS with 1” FPT Installation Tap 6” IPS with 1” FPT Installation Tap The saddles are a single strap design. The rendering shows a dual strap because that what we could download.

  7. Rendering; Flow Switch installed in a 4” line with a drum of chemical and saddle(s), for reference.

Still founded on peroxide, but very different because it does a whole-lot-more.

Still a disinfectant so to speak in the agronomy world. I prefer to refer to it as a biocide. Two totally different items/terms.

  • It sequesters water minerals and metals, meaning the elements in the water will never complex or bond – available nutrition from all water source minerals and metals.

  • It should affect soils dramatically with respect to soil cake and some available nutrition. What I mean is it’s not that great at “fixing” soils like what one does with sulfuric and gypsum. It does not have the power to dissolve the complexes in soil.

  • We detoxify the sodium and the chloride. Nobody else does this. No phosphoric acid or other things needed to deal with the Na or Cl.

Our use rate is 1/2 to 2.5 ppm – that’s just 1/2 to 2.5 gallons per million gallons of water. Sold in pails, drums and totes.

Enhanced product growth is visually stunning, due to the detoxification of Na and Cl, and the acetates it adds to the soils forming, all forming readily hydratable and re-hydratable nutrition from the water and the soils.

OMRI or NON-OMRI products available.

Contact us at for a long list of diverse references from long time and recent customers.



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