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Online - Analytic Soil and Water Testing Service

HCT’s methods of analytic data are matured testing methods inclusive of water, water bacteria, available soil nutrition and soils nutritional reserves. This program is designed to bring forward the hidden problems so that they can be resolved, soil health restored and maintained, sustainably, with vibrant vegetation vitality and health (vegetation or food crops) .

In many cases, the end user will see the vast accumulations of unused nutrition that has been hindering soil health and crop production, the liberation of toxins never known to be present, and the indicators that reveal biofouling, anoxicity of soils and toxins. Irrefutable soil remediation, soil health, soil sustainability, through the treatment of water, by science and data – A WaterSOLV™ Program Differentiator.

Now, you can go online to initiate your analytical data order(s).

Analytical Analyses, Guidelines, Interpretations and Recommendations

A la Carte Tests:

  • Water

  • Water Bacteria (a Legacy Method)

  • Available Soil Nutrition (a Legacy Method)

  • Total Soil Digestion (a Legacy Method)

  • Interpretations and Recommendations: Proprietary HCT/WaterSOLV™ Techniques including biology, pore space, infiltration rates, moisture retention and toxins.

Each test includes “Guidance”, how to accurately take water and soil samples meeting your conditions.

The Online Process: Online selection, ordering and payment > emailed Receipt > Download Guidelines > Take samples based on guidelines, unique to your conditions > Complete sample descriptions > package sample, receipt and descriptions > ship to the lab > Await results in 7-10 days sent to you by email.

Dealers: Dealers enter their unique promotion code to receive dealers’ discount.

What are the Legacy Testing Methods?

  1. Water Bac T: Incorporating the water bacteria and their food sources impacts loading anoxicity and anoxic bacteria sustainability to soils, leading to detrimental bio-exudates.

  2. Available Soil Nutrition: Matured techniques of the methods used including actual treated site water, improved ratio of soil to water and soak time, all of which leads to much more accurate results of available nutrition, "and toxins", and actual nutritional necessities that are not already saturated in the soils.

  3. Total Soil Digestion: Matured techniques to identify what is in the soil in totality versus “exchangeable’, to harvest accumulated nutrition, restore soil health and porosity, identify the actual necessities of soil nutritional needs and the reserves.

Vegetation Vitality depends on YOU, providing;

1. Pore Space, Infiltration Rate, Moisture Penetration & Retention

2. Available Nutrition

3. H2O, Oxygen (water can turn septic)

4. Sodium & Chloride Detoxification

5. Remediation of Iron Bacteria bio-films

6. Remediation of Black Layer exudates including toxins

7. Pest and disease protection

Contact HCT directly for a list of qualified distributors, dealers, representatives, engineers, PCA's and CCA's.

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