The Dirt on Soil and Soil Analytics

October, 2022

T Eden, HCT, LLC, Principal

INTRODUCTION: They call it soil, dirt, sand; it may be loamy, calcareous, or laden with clay. Dr. Woolworth at the University of Arizona advises us to view soil as a filter.

Consider the heating and cooling air filter in your home. It's a dry environment, and they are changed frequently due to their collection of particulate matter. Consider a pool filter; while you chlorinate regularly, adjust water chemistry for phosphate, pH and alkalinity, the filter, in water, is backwashed frequently to remove the matter caught, inclusive of particulate as well as bio-matter.

Let’s think about dirt, the variety of pond or reclaim water we put on - about 3/8ths of an inch per night (1,000,000 gallons on 100 acres for golf) of which the water might be 1,000 ppm TDS, 500 lbs. per acre, over 6 months, accumulating to 90,000 lbs. of matter, that our vegetation and soil are supposed to process – all in an effort to keep the soil healthy.

90,000 lbs. is equivalent to 18 ea. ½ ton pickup trucks. Over a years time, how much of this 90,000 lbs. has accumulated in the soil? Where has it accumulated? How is it impacting the soil's ability to accommodate the roots of my vegetation? If this same water were used in our pool and we shut off the pump, would the water go septic? Think about how rancid the water is that we are putting on / into our soils! Would you swim in the pond water at your local golf course or farm?