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Treating Turf for Black Water and Egg Odor with WaterSOLV™ in San Diego, CA

A Three Hour Transformation!

Treating a golf course irrigation system with WaterSOLV™ on the west coast this February 2023

Black Water and egg odor plague the irrigation system in humid San Diego, California. HCT Principal Todd Eden explains the dramatic 3 hour transformation photos below:

"Without any lab analysis, the black water and sludge was a horrible odor. I’ve seen this many times. Black particles floating in the water, sludge resting on the bottom. Totally indicative of sulfate reducing bacteria, the type of bio-sludge one might find in a drain trap or stagnant water line. However, the physical matter can be mineral, and it can be metal. In this scenario the acid should have dissolved the scale, but there was bio around it, so the acid couldn’t get through the bio to access the scale.

The BC could react with the bio, but it did not have the power, not pH, but ionization strength to dissolve the scale. But the combination of the two worked together, one to wick into and break apart the bio, and the other to dissolve the scale. Surely both the scale and the bio went into the system as usually somewhat clear water. But as the water itself is consumed, and the elements in the initial source water that we don’t see accumulated, it accumulated to the extent that it formed scale and the bio began to multiply exponentially about every 15 minutes.

Usually sulfate reducing bacteria do not produce bio-films. Instead they exude sulfurous acid and hydrogen sulfide gas. In this case, some form of bacteria formed a bio film, of what the BC was primarily the product that broke the film down. It Is unusual the biofilm was there when so much SRB was present."

Soil and water health are so intrinsically linked and we treat every issue as an opportunity to heal entire systems by treating problems at their source and changing even the worst water to the most useful. While three hour results are exciting, we think the years of customers who refuse to run their operations without WaterSOLV are truly impressive.

If you want to get started or just get a better insight into soil and water metrics you may have never considered, our Analytic Soil and Water Testing Services are now available for online.

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