Show me the data: Split Greens in Florida

Split Green Data Project Palm Beach Gardens, FL 2019

What spurred interest in this report was the implementation of the WaterSOLV Program at a course in Texas that was having infiltration and sodium issues. The Texas course had heard about sister facilities in Arizona having remarkable success with a new technology. While the claims were beyond broad, multiple courses having the same claims warranted the time and resources for investigation.

As the Texas facility (TF) GCS engaged with the developer of the technology, HCT, LLC (HCT), the TF was also subscribed to a weekly data subscription to Turf Dietitian (TD), having near weekly data of water, soil and tissue for the past at least 2 years. TD observed the changes which sparked their interest in evaluating the technology and the Split Green Data Project originated therein, but not in Texas but in Florida.

TD split the 3 test greens in half and sprayed the products weekly on one half, establishing a check area for each green. TD soil tested, and tissue tested both halves weekly to monitor the changes between the check area and treated area. All greens were sprayed weekly and each were sprayed at a different rate. Green 1 was sprayed at a 1X rate, green 2 at a 2X rate and green 3 at a 3 X rate.

Existing Conditions included substantial Fairy Ring and Fusarium along with a poor Saturation Index.