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Plants are Glossy and Vibrant, Customer is Happy!

Backyard Blooms Greenhouse religiously tested their alkalinity in their meticulously managed mid-sized greenhouse in Dundee, Ohio that boasts the prettiest flowers in the area.

“Thanks so much for your time and support. See attached pics of the Backyard Blooms Greenhouse.

Our customer is following exactly what HCT recommended now, and are using 50% of the amount of fertilizer that they were using prior to using WaterSOLV Curative and WaterSOLV BC. This is obviously early in the game, plants are young yet, but off to a good start. Plants are glossy and vibrant, customer is happy!” – Joel Kurtz, Agronomy Manager, Maysville Elevator Agricultural Services

The quality of their water had always been an issue, confirmed through testing year after year. They had been using a high acid fertilizer and were hesitant to change their 1:100 injector setup. But no matter how they adjusted their application rates, they could see the quality of the water declining steadily. It was harder and harder every year to get the results they were looking for.

After a week on the WaterSOLV™ Program they performed a new water test and the numbers were so different that the owner was understandably concerned.

With alkalinity no longer being the dominant factor that determined how the water was treated, it's totally reasonable that new users can often feel lost. But they stuck with it, and within three weeks of initial application, they quit the acidic fertilizer entirely, and are now using half of the equivalent of a non-acid based fertilizer, and are ecstatic with the results.

Endless thanks to all of our partners for putting in the time and effort to understand the groundbreaking chemistry we all work so hard to share with the world. Water is different everywhere and we are continuously amazed at the capabilities of this product to liberate nutrition, detoxify sodium, decrease water demand, lower costs and increase vegetation vitality.

We are thrilled to have other long term success stories from golf courses that struggled with fairy ring, black layer and rock hard caliche deposits for decades that have now used WaterSOLV™ religiously for years, to box tree farmers that are no longer plagued with clogged emitters and continue to see explosive growth and unprecedented chemical soil aeration across the board.

We excel where scale, corrosion, and biology hinder processes in agriculture, turf, nurseries, water wells, landscape, ponds, marine, drip lines, above and underground emitters. Through proprietary chemistry, science, biology, refined and perfected processes, we identify the problems and chemically convert them to value.

We chemically convert scale to nutrition, restore soil infiltration, detoxify chloride salts including sodium, create and aerobic soil profile, sustainably enhancing crop vitality, grade and even yields from 20 to 50% with 15% less water by improved efficiency, and at a lower cost.

Black layer, fairy ring, puddling water, slosh, sodium burn, aerification, sanding, bacteria slime, sod replacement, unnecessary tilling, flushing salts, all minimized at a lower overall cost, with HCT's proprietary chemical additives and our mutual expertise in application and management.

Select products are registered with NSF Standard 60, Canadian Standards Council, ASTM, UL, certified by the California Department of Food and Agriculture and listed with OMRI as organic. Technology is founded on chemistry, science, biology and physics, with exceptional, reproducible results nationwide. Contains no sulfur, sulfate, urea, nitrogen or sodium.

Inquiries will be responded to immediately during business hours (GMT -7:00 - MST)


Phone: (888) 788-5807



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