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Revive Trees and Shrubs

"I've been the superintendent here for 5 years. Our trees never grew and they suffered from aphids. Watering our turf with the WaterSOLV™ Curative solution alone, in just 6 months our tress and shrubs are just blowing out of the ground and no more aphid issues. There's a lot to be said about the WaterSOLV™ program and what it does for all the vegetation on the property."

Clogged emitters are a thing of the past - "We fought plugged emitter at the HOA on a daily basis from water scale and snail shell intrusion. We had one person dedicated to that maintenance alone. He's now on the mowing crew as it's a problem of the past thanks to WaterSOLV™ Curative." "We've increased our lot inventory at the nursery 25% because we can. We now have extra labor not chasing plugged emitters. Our pine trees are still pushing in dead summer, 115 deg. F, no signs of heat stress, in a box, on 20% less water and associated nutrition. It's just the best thing I've ever used."

Just 1 gallon of WaterSOLV™ Curative per acre ft. of water. Water hardness, scale in lines and even snail shells all converted to available nutrition while providing sodium detoxification. You plant will visually show you their appreciation.

Shells from clams or snails, scale inside lines, are just precipitated TDS - bound by carbonate, and readily converted to available nutrition by HCT's WaterSOLV™ Curative. Ion exchange with carbon dioxide forming quazi acetates, nutrition in the form plants need it for viable uptake, nutrition and vitality. Harvest bound up scales to available nutrition - say good bye to pH suppression, sulfurous acids, loading of sulfur and nitrogen (from urea), , with . Bound up , bound minerals ready to be converted to available (free), nutrition through WaterSOLV's proprietary ion exchange solution, displacing bicarbonate with quazi acetates - organic chemistry out of the box of conventional wisdom.

"We increased our product levels in the nursery because we could, we no longer had to chase plugged nozzles giving us an extra 16 man hours a day."

"My guys were skeptical with the snail shells, their more than believers now. It's cured so many issues including Fairy Ring. We've not bought sod nor wetting agents for over a year now, Even our black matter on greens has gone away." Just 2-4 gallons of WaterSOLV™ Curative and likely WaterSOLV™ BC, per million gallons of water and you can see the difference as well. . . so will your clients. Breakthrough Technology to say the least! Over 3 million acres served.

Reclaimed Water Turf and Tree Solutions at Fountain Hills Park in the Arizona Desert

“When we started the program we were getting half inch core we are getting somewhere between six to 10 inches of depth in our samples Its been a considerable difference We even see roots down there Its the only change we’ve made.

It has made a big difference in the amount of water the soil can handle We are not getting the puddles Our water quality is horrible we are a dead end lake We had a lot of yellowing in the trees. Definitely a lot of salt issues. They were burned on the edges. They were yellowing out. As you can see now they are happier that’s for sure they are nice and thick.

We are starting to see the results we’ve been looking for. You can see the old growth. There’s not much. And you can see the new growth it’s all full. Its just a night and day difference. We have not used any fertilizer this summer. This is just the nutrients that are in the soil that you said we would get out of it. You can see how green it is.

We have certainly had some rain and that helped as well. We were seeing the change before the rain as well. It’s night and day difference in the short amount of time that we’ve used it (7 months). To see this kind of turnaround is really good."

Turf Goodness: Happy Members, Happy Worms, Happy Trees, Easy Transitions

We have such a vast array of micro-climates on this property that I really wanted to see if this product could really make everything a little bit more predictable, a little bit easier for the guys to maintain similar playing conditions on all three courses and WaterSOLV™ has allowed us to do that. There used to be a bunker in this area. It was renovated. When we would bring an aerifier across this area it would always bounce. You could never get the right depth. And now we are able to take that aerifier across this area and get and even aerification throughout the entire surface which helps you in many many ways.

With the injection systems that we have now it’s a very simple process. We set our parts per million and we almost forget about it. So there is a flexibility about it, that’s then nice part about it. We actually stumbled across something that was positive. We basically put out about a 100 gallons of the product one night and we were thinking oh no what’s going to be the reaction but it softened up the ground enough so we could come out here in the middle of January, February and aerify and the machine wouldn’t bounce and we could open up the soil and do some cultural practices with a lot more ease that would benefit the golf course that would allow us to not fertilize as much and when we did fertilize it became more effective. We haven’t seen growth drop off we haven’t seen quality drop off its just the opposite things are only getting better they are growing more consistently they are allowing us to present a more consistent product all week long.

Last year we were in the low 90’s in April and moisture was right around 18/16 percent and we were around 20% on our greens and the ball was bouncing the place was stressed but the next week we turned the water and slowly turned the bush levels back up and we rebounded and we had no issues for the rest of the year. I think the nice part about WaterSOLV™ is that it allows what you have to work with it makes it stronger it makes it available.

You always know there’s something working in the plants favor. You almost take the water as a negative when all of a sudden you’re not worried about it crippling you agronomically. WaterSOLV™ has become a foundation product for us in our agronomic plan.

- Jason Snyder Wigwam Golf Club Superintendent

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