HCT Well Rehabilitation Research

June, 2022

Keywords: Acid, Descaling Volume, Descaling Rate / Corrosion – Alloy

  • How do we descale effectively while minimizing corrosion on soft alloys?

  • 416 Stainless Steel (416) is a soft alloy. It is commonly used in water wells as the shaft that turns the bowls.

  • 416 is commonly used because it is easier to mill than other stainless alloys.

  • 416 is very soluble in strong acids.

  • Can environmentally safe inhibitors be applied to minimize acids attack on the 416 alloy, in that we might be able to descale wells with the column pipe, bowls and shaft left in place, without removing the pump, "insitu - pump in place"?

Products Evaluated

  1. HCT’s