Case Studies

Thomas Well No. 5 – Record Setting Rehab


Following an alternative cleaning method that yielded pumping rate of 400 gpm at 445′, Well-Klean program took it to 775 gpm at 404′. 1.43 gpm/ft to 3.26 gpm/ft – 94% increase in operational pumping capacity.


W-K_Case Study No. 1001

W-K_Case Study No. 1002

W-K_Case Study No. 1003

W-K_Case Study No. 1004

W-K_Case Study No. 1005

W-K_Case Study No. 1006

Parkville Water District Well Rehab Results

Why Chlorine Causes More Harm than Good and the WaterSOLV Solution

HCT Well-Klean Customer Testimonial from Well Water Pump Systems Experts Alpha Southwest

We are honored to be working with pump and water well industry leader Alpha Southwest from rehabilitation to preventative maintenance. The biggest compliment we can get is that Well-Klean works better than anything they've ever seen, especially considering the owner has been in the industry for over 50 years.