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HCT Invited to Present WaterSOLV and Well-Klean at ASU School of Sustainable Engineering

We were honored to speak at Arizona State University last week at the invitation of Dr. Peter Fox, Professor of Environmental Engineering at the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment.

As the Environmental Engineering Group Specialty Area Coordinator and Graduate Program Chair, Dr. Fox was kind enough to bring us behind the scenes before our presentation and trade some notes on some of his students current research projects and practices.

Next we headed into the classroom to present to students from several different fields of study as well as from all over the world! Founder and Principal of HCT Todd Eden spoke for an hour about the discovery of this unique proprietary blend of chemistry, and how it is changing the way the world works with water on the most fundamental level.

From water wells to turf to agriculture to horticulture, not only are the WaterSOLV and Well-Klean Programs designed to increase the life of equipment, they are returning our water, our soil, and our plants to a state of health and vitality through water treatment, never before thought possible - Increasing plant quality, yield and vitality, for more revenue, more ROI and with about 20% less water.

Scale, chlorine, sulfuric acid, these are all once thought necessities of the water treatment world. We have witnessed first hand frustrated turf superintendents, ranchers and farmers, who have settled with wetting agents, flushing salts, aerating, force feeding nitrogen and gypsum, with little to a continual decline in results at higher costs.

Digging up a sprinkler head just to find that only a three inch radius is wet is just a thing of the past when you introduce chemistry that is designed to open up your water and soil on a molecular level.

Scale, hard water, impenetrable soil, these are all bound up nutrients; nutrients that plants crave, that are so complexed and crystalized by carbonates, along with sodium attachment and sulfate bacteria that can't be absorbed and can't be flushed.

WaterSOLV works with nature, chemistry, and ionic charges to let nature do exactly what it wanted to and was designed to do. It ionically satisfies the molecules so they no longer want to complex or attache . At just 3ppm, WaterSOLV Curative converts scale bound hardness to available nutrient, and sodium to an inert salt that will readily flush and flow through the soil profile. Where WaterSOLV BC at 1ppm +/- will manage continual chemical aerification to treat black matter and reclaimed water maintaining an aerobic soil profile.

In just days you can see results the industry has been searching for. Thank you Dr. Fox for helping us share our journey in the world of chemistry and agronomy.

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