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HCT Goes Geothermal, Artesian and ASR

A Permanent Solution for Constantly Seizing Geothermal Wells

Interesting how our business works. I was just explaining one of our customers to our Operations Officer Marcus and how the client uses our concentrate as a drip feed in a geothermal water well that used to seize up on them every 2-3 months due to the formation of scale. Wouldn’t you know, in less than 4 hours, our dealer in Utah asked if we had a solution for geothermal wells. We sure do!

Artesian Wells

(No photo to share) Two separate artesian wells have been rehabilitated with our Well-Klean© program. The contractor was so impressed with results at the well at Lake Powell, AZ that he recommended we take advantage of the post rehabilitation downhole video. We did. Thanks to the team at KP Ventures for the opportunity to be of service.

Vadose / ASR wells

We now have two ASR wells under our belt thanks to Southwest Groundwater Resources / Matrix New World Engineering and also Clear Creek and Associates, Cascade Drilling and Weber Water Resources. Fantastic groups of people to be associated with and to have deploying our program.

Over 530 Successful Water Well Rehabilitations in Under 4 years

Most wells are plagued with a matrix consisting of bacteria, mineral scale, metal corrosion products and biomatter. Most water wells initially get sick in 8-14 years. Our chemistry has successfully rehabilitated over 530 water wells across the U.S., many of which were thought beyond help or long dead (and several off line for 20+ years).

With the help of a proprietary chemistry, custom processes and procedures, HCT is revolutionizing the cleaning, maintenance and durability of a healthy water well.

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