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Turf Aerification is Effective Again with the WaterSOLV Treatment Program

Traditional turf aerification doesn't necessarily get at the root of the problem. Black layer creates dead zones, anoxic zones, hydrogen sulfide gas (rotten egg smell). It's sulfate reducing bacteria; bacteria that survives on sulfate.

When you threaten bacteria, they produce polysaccharide, a bio-film impervious to acids, restricting infiltration as a whole from water and nutrients - also deterring water retention as well as plant vitality. Our traditional approach is we apply more water, nutrient, alkalinity reduction and on and on, we attempt to flush, increase our soils sand content with continually diminishing results and satisfaction. We are constantly observing a smaller watering window, increased water use and more challenging infiltration. All these are completely reversible with the WaterSOLV™ program.

"Before application the ground was too solid to penetrate more than a few inches. The product has definitely opened up the ground and soften things. We rarely break aerification tines when we aerify areas throughout the property. I'm looking forward to seeing things during transition." 1/2018 Litchfield Park, AZ

WaterSOLV™ is a liquid water treatment solution and soil curative, remediating and mitigating hardness, salt and challenges cause by sulfur, sulfide and sulfate. It is registered at departments of food and agriculture as Grade 0-0-0 - an Auxiliary Soil & Plant Substance.

This plug was pulled after four months on the comprehensive and cost effective WaterSOLV™ program.

After four months of treatment, Wigwam Golf is seeing unprecedented growth

Today, for solvency, HCT subscribes to the LSI Index – a calculation between pH, TDS, Calcium, Alkalinity and water temperature. The matrix rates the waters tendency to deposit scale or to break down scale. HCT also looks at sulfate and total bacteria levels to assess their correlation to the process with the water quality.

For example, sulfate is nutrient for bacteria that leads to black matter. Water hardness and sulfate lead to calcium sulfate, a very insoluble form of calcium when evaporated to dryness and crystallization occurs. Any hardness as a whole combines with carbonate to for scale crystals, where WaterSOLV Curative prevents that nucleation and crystallization leaving behind evaporative salts that can infiltrate and be more readily available for plant uptake and nutrition.

Don't take our word for it. Ask our customers in turf, horticulture and agriculture. Do topical applications or trials and your plants will show you themselves.

Break-through chemistry changing the characteristics of water in agronomy

Baseline Growers - within 60 days of treatment.

All potted and boxed plants had the same results.

Now maintaining a much higher pH and using 18% less water

For a custom assessment call or email us today

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