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Mitigating Black Matter and Restoring the Health of Your Turf with WaterSOLV BC

Black matter is a common turf problem due to a multitude of factors such as low areas where water collects and rarely dries out, where sulfur/sulfate reducing bacteria levels are in excess from water quality (including ponds) - water stagnation, lack of dissolved oxygen in water carried into the soil, the use of sulfur bearing products that support sulfate reducing bacteria, even sulfur from air pollution and where total bacteria levels in water exceed CFU's of 100,000 (10 to the 4th).

Black matter is typically bacteria, sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB), thriving in a non-oxygen fed, anaerobic environment, digesting sulfur and excreting sulfuric acid and hydrogen sulfide gas (what causes that rotten egg or stinky feet odor and is highly toxic to plant vitality and lethal to humans).

When you smell rotten eggs, it's usually associated with SRB, water and even in grease traps. "We have found 1 inch chlorine tablets in SRB sludge that after 9 years had not dissolved indicating conventional chlorine and permanganate based products not effective against the matter".

Above you can see a very light layer of black matter. In the image below, the black matter had dissipated in a very short time with the continual use of WaterSOLV™ Curative. WaterSOLV™ Curative was not initially intended to mitigate black matter, yet it's positive impact in this scenario is attributed to suppressing the environment conducive to factors that cause and support it.

Most cases of black matter are more readily treated with WaterSOLV™ BC, a peroxide based water treatment solution by HCT, LLC. To learn more, key items of interest would be WaterSOLV™ BC, black matter, sulfur/sulfate and bacteria, anoxic bacteria, sulfate reducing bacteria and polysaccharide.

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