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Sulfuric Pump Failures, Solutions and WaterSOLV Program Implementation at Phoenix Golf Course

Recently we learned that a customer's pump failed. We believe it was the same pump they used to pump sulfuric some time ago and the same pump sulfuric acid suppliers tend to supply today (same manufacturer and model). I presume the pump was worn out and they replaced it. We just learned about that Friday of last week through a third party. Our Werecon system uses a much more durable and reliable pump, same manufacturer. Nobody wants a pump problem! According to Werecon, the pumps we are using have an expected service life of 12 years.

Another turf client has a different pump system that actually does not regulate the chemical low enough. Their first application was grossly applied and so they didn't feed additional product for a bit. That same situation, and same if not similar pump system occurred at WW to the tune of 75 gallons of product pumped on one course in one night. Nothing negative happened and the positive event was their hard pan went away overnight. Both organizations will chemigate intermittently to accommodate the higher dosage over a couple or few days of watering alone.

We encouraged them to implement the other 1/2 of the program by adding the WaterSOLV™ BC. WaterSOLV™ BC is the peroxide side of the equation that will battle the sulfate bacteria, an anoxic environment and the massive amount of sulfate in their effluent (reclaimed water that is)! They were going to do some topical applications to see the results and I was told they would start as soon as they got the product. It was delivered Friday, 4 days ago.

The WaterSOLV™ BC was an essential part of the program that was presented from the onset and due to the amount of sulfate and BacT levels. It is tremendously more effective than the traditional practice of aerating fairways. The aeration really only impacts the hole and the inner surface of the hole. WaterSOLV™ BC impacts the entire soil profile top down. Being bacteria, you need to get it all otherwise it is still there and multiplying exponentially. Proof of this would be readily seen in the evaluations we did at Papago and at some of the work recently done by Art Smith and Mark Hensley. While WaterSOLV™ Curative Turf suppresses the environment conducive to the support of bacteria, WaterSOLV™ BC goes after it directly.

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