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Happy HCT Customers: Testimonials and Custom Assessments

HCT's chemistry is innovative, but the feedback is captivating; after three years of treating water in industries with razor thin margins we are beyond happy to share with you some amazing customer feedback about how HCT has changed how they do business, the the money that they've saved and the money that they've made from our water well, agriculture, horticulture, carwash and turf programs.

In just 3 years we have served over 475 water well completions, more than 200,000 acres of agriculture under treatment, we serve 80% of the Arizona ornamental market, we treat reclaimed water at 20 major airport car washes, and immediately mitigated mussels, minerals and salt buildup in the Papago Golf Course while causing grass to grow lush and green during the Arizona summer months and filling areas with turf that had been troublesome for years.

HCT's water solutions deliver more than just impressive results; they offer peace of mind. Our solutions mitigate problems associated with minerals, metals (oxides), microbes (black matter), mussels, mud (drilling) and salt.

Bring us your challenges: struggling water wells that just won't stay well, mussels, minerals and salts plugging emitters, turf that just won't grow. We want to show how we can save and make you far more money than the cost of our chemistry.

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