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Women in turf: Lorabeth Catterson

Hillcrest Country Club, Los Angeles CA

So happy to see such a hardworking innovator recognized for helping the agronomy industry evolve sustainably. Congratulations to Lorabeth and her team!

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Lorabeth Catterson is the assistant director of agronomy at Los Angeles' Hillcrest Country Club.

Catterson spoke with GCM about her experience as a woman in turf, and the lessons she’s learned from her years in the industry.

GCM: You experienced a variety of challenges shortly after starting as the assistant director of agronomy at Hillcrest Country Club in 2019, including the pandemic and California’s largest recorded wildfire. What did those experiences teach you? How do you feel they prepared you to address future challenges?

Lorabeth Catterson: It certainly taught me that you need to be there for your team as a leader and realize what the best scenario is for everyone. Your team needs to know that you do have their best interest in mind and not the best interest of the golf course. We had to adapt daily, and the golf course managers had to assume a lot of roles, since most other departments were working from home. It certainly taught me how to have more empathy and it allowed for us to have to work through so many situations all together that it almost seemed like any future challenges would be a cake walk.

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