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WaterSOLV™ Mobile App Water Data: How Does Your Water Analysis Compare?

This is a new database we have that tallies the HCT WaterSOLV™ mobile app water data. This is a small selection of our complication of turf and agricultural lab water analyses that have been entered into the app to calculate water treatment necessities and to document numerous elements in their water. You can see the high and low ranges of Ca, Na, Cl, etc.

Once you download the .CSV file below you are able to filter the data to make specific observations. For example, you can click on the drop-down arrow for Na, you’ll see currently the data range is 0 to 602 ppm (mg/l).

HCT WaterSOLV™ Report_Page 1_Table
Download CSV • 10KB

Lots of interesting things here but mostly how people think their water is the worst. Here you can compare your water to other waters we have dealt with and find whether your water is good, bad or horrific. We’ve seen some horrific but keep in mind, minerals and metals are nutrients, chloride, sodium and bacteria are the monsters (as is saturation of N acidified and lack of dissolved oxygen).

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