WaterSOLV Analytical Necessities

Water, Soil and Tissue (Lab Analyses) 1/25/2021

Introduction: It’s not just for WaterSOLV, it’s agronomy in whole that needs to subscribe to these analytical necessities.

Understanding water and soil is a game changer in the world of agronomy. When you look at as many as we do; the sheer number of reports, the varying interpretations and recommendations, the actualities are stunning, so stunning that as we investigate and call to attention these things, the lab and agronomical recommendations and prescriptions appear to change for the better of our industry – the Grower! What we’re saying is that there is a big change in the industry you’ll see hereto. It’s always been there we’ve just not been seeing it this way or dealing with it in a new way like HCT and the WaterSOLV technology have created.

Conventional modality is trying to make infiltration and available nutrition and a lot of resources have been put towards pH reduction, CEC and SAR, force feeding calcium by acidification and gypsum, and trying to keep lines clean from biology. The new added phase is keeping coliforms and E. coli off and out of the food chain. We’re well versed in coliforms and E. coli in our Well-Klean© division, water chemistry and biology.