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The WaterSOLV™ Program: Making Water a Better Solution for Soils and Vegetation Vitality

Air Injection VS WaterSOLV BC

Continuous Chemical Aerification with HCT

Naturally occurring toxins in soil can be deadly to vegetation including turf. While soil works as a filter when watering plants, if the filter is compromised, vegetation can suffer.

Soil needs 40% pore space where air injection reaches 1-4% of the soil space, moving the toxins while leaving the rest untreated and getting worse.

HCT’s WaterSOLV™ Program impacts the entire soil profile with every watering while treating toxicities - converting minerals and metals to available nutrition, breaking down biomatter, attacking anoxic bacteria and delivering dissolved oxygen – Continuous Chemical Aerification™.

Call HCT or your HCT Dealer for more information. WaterSOLV™ is viable for topical application in conjunction with nutrients.

Inquiries will be responded to immediately during business hours: (7:00am - 4pm MST) Call or email us for more information about water and soil solutions: email:

Phone: (888) 788-5807



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