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HCT's Flow Switch Controller

A versatile flow switch controller. Simple, easy, hands-free, inexpensive. If you want to chemigate, inject chemicals into your water lines, we built this with you in mind.

Connect to power, connect to your flow switch or your flow meter, plug in your pump - and if necessary, run a wire pump for metered flow sensors, and when your system has flow, it will power the pumps and administer the chemistry precisely.

One switch box operates up to three pumps, connects to your flow switch or flow meter, powers the pump to administer your solutions.

Weather proof box (NEMA 4X enclosure) with operational light indicators, secured mounting, lockable with your own lock, no keys to manage, no parts subjected to corrosion, ties into your existing flow switch or meter, for high and or low volume pump stations, operates any 110v 15 amp pump.

One box per flow meter. When there is flow, the outlets are activated with power, it's that simple.

Backed by HCT’s excellence in timely and responsible service delivery as well as 12 years warranty. All parts are industry available, off the shelf, no parts are customized so repairs, while rare, are simple and affordable.

Sold only by authorized HCT Dealers.


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