Harvest What you Have

June, 2022

Great news for a persistent and pervasive problem. You likely have a major source of fertilizer, that you already paid for!

It’s likely in your soil, and you can determine how many locked nutrients that are not only inaccessible but often the source of a variety of systemic problems in crop vitality and optimum yields, by doing a “total soil digestion”, like you may have done to quantify fertilizer or manure. HCT’s WaterSOLV™ will liberate the locked-up nutrients and make them available for your vegetation, all the while restoring your soils CEC, SAR and some, and at a lower cost than sulfuric acid and gypsum, while also detoxifying sodium and chloride. YOU WILL VISUALLY SEE THE DIFFERENCE in your vegetation vitality.

Here’s what has been happening in soils, and what you can do about it.

It’s pretty simple to see what sulfuric acid does for you upon application. It contains some N so you get that push of growth, it dissolves scales and metals and causes available nutrition, reduces pH and releases bicarbonate. All is great for those chemical reactions for now, but chro