Case Study: Chemically Remediating, Flushing Greens

September 27, 2021

Green #3 Lab ID: 21080020

The Legends’ greens had been evaluated for their chemical and physical conditions in the Fall, 2020 by Robert Oppold of ISTRC and Dr. York of Tournament Turf Laboratories (hereafter: “TTL”). Water quality was reported as poor by the experts. The soil testing incorporated the improved methods using the York-Oppold Legacy Testing Package through Tournament Turf Laboratories, and exhibited that Fe, Ca, and other metals (Al) were extremely high, significantly more then conventional exchangeable methods (AA, DTPA and Mehlich III) portrayed. The greens were found to have extreme hardpan midway through the soil profiles.

The physical properties testing through ISTRC confirmed poor infiltration/percolation through the root zone profiles, low air porosity, and high water retention properties (water porosity and water holding). The greens were excellent candidates for treating the water and soils with HCT’s Curative and BC products. Rather than handling Curative and BC in their concentrated condition, HCT’s pHix product was chosen. pHix is Curative and BC blended in a solution that is easier, more user friendly, and compatible with most topically applied products.