Innovative Analytical Water & Soil Methods

Southern California desert

January 2022 Site: Golf Courses Scenarios: Water Sample, Bac T sample, Soil samples of good and bad turf conditions

Comparing available soil nutrients by both conventional methods and a new Legacy Method Comparing exchangeable soil nutrients by conventional methods to Totally Digestible by the Legacy Method

Shocking, stunning, game changing results, found industry chronic.


HCT WaterSOLV products have been on the site about 4 months. The soils were so compacted you could barely put a spade shovel 1/4 of an inch into the soils. We are not reporting the pre-treatment conditions as it is not the intent to show progress. The intent is to exhibit both good turf soil conditions as visualized on the vast majority of the course(s) under soil conditions that are horrendous. The intent is to also show the comparisons between good turf and horrible soils and bad turf and ho