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Rings of Vitality and Nutrition

You've got the agronomy business down, realizing some of the most effective and rewarding practices for the highest return on your investment. What if we told you and showed you scientifically it can be even more rewarding for a lesser cost and lesser resources by chemical and physical means? Part I - Process wise, we need to look at these Rings of Nutrition Vitality which yield optimum ROI's.

Part II -A soil paste extraction using deionized / pure water shows X amount of elements in the soil. We then take the same soils, using well water and sulfuric acid to pH 4.8 and find there are actually more minerals than the deionized water showed. Then we take that same soil again, we use acetic acid to an even lower pH and we find 10 times the elements in the water. If we create 10 times the amount of nutrition in the lab by acetic acid, can we do the same in the field, and is that better for the plant, sustainable and cost effective? We have hundreds of thousands of acres of agriculture, horticulture, turf and landscape that for the past 5 years are showing it is - Case studies, University studies, principals of science and chemistry that shows why what we've been doing becomes problematic and how we are able to make a difference. While the data is difficult to see, drop us an email at and we'll send you the file.

The Physicality of Vegetation Vitality

If plants are what they drink, it’s likely TDS and EC are easier drank than a complex or crystal, like calcium carbonate, sodium or ferric chloride, calcium phosphate and the like. If we take soil, titrate it with deionized water, and see 1/20th of nutrients we see when we titrate the soil with the acetic acid, even more than the sulfuric acid at 4.8 pH. The physics indicate we are creating more EC, and so does the data, from single digit to triple digit! WOWZA! Are these minerals, complexed by valence with other elements and gasses, clogging your soil, blocking the flow of water and nutrients, and perhaps oxygen? As the process continues, does your soil get so cemented that it begins to go anoxic? Does anoxicity propagate toxicity and toxic anaerobic biology “and slimes”? You bet it does! The Rings of Nutritional Vitality™ – the sweet spot “$” is realized from starting on the outer ring and working your way into the center. It begins with infiltration – which then can transport hydration and nutrition, even medicine to the toxins. What are the typical causes of hindered infiltration?

Cementation from evaporative salts – insoluble evaporative salts from strong acids (both conditions are actually bound up nutrition), followed by complexes of calcium phosphate, calcium chloride, ferric chloride – but also possibly slimes of biology, namely slimes of bacteria colonies who have sustained themselves with water, bacteria and food sources (namely sulfur, sulfate, iron and or manganese. Acid nor pH mitigate slimes. Biocides do not mitigate cementation. Blockages – In our chemistry, WaterSOLV™, we’re converting nutrients, whether soluble (as in water), or already complexed (as in scale and soil), into EC, permanently. The evaporate salts are not crystals, they are readily, easily hydratable with as little as moisture, versus water, and quite irrespective of water quality, similar to the solubility of sodium.

Yet, rehydrated, we are high grade nutrient with added amino acids and sugars (or in the case of WaterSOLV™ BC, dissolved oxygen and more pure water). Blockages are usually cementation, where in these complexes we see carbonate scale and calcium phosphate, also calcium and ferric chloride.

Additionally, we see bio-slimes – polysaccharides, usually in places where you find black matter and red matter. This is where peroxide and dissolved oxygen come into play, not much else will break through expect for physical aerification. However, it’s is a growing problem, literally colony forming units that multiply exponentially. You can’t bury it for long with new sod or top dressing. The bacteria exude more slime, toxic wastes and gasses feeding on sulfur, sulfate, iron and or manganese. Nutrition versus Toxicity – Isn’t that cementation supposed to be nutrition? Are we adding calcium sulfate when there is already an abundance of calcium and sulfate? Is sulfate the element the black matter bacteria utilize as food source? IF I ACIDIFY WITH THE ACETATE, WILL IT RELEASE MORE ELEMENTS THAN THE ACIDIFIED WATER, OR THE R.O. WATER? Yes! And HCT has determine how to make that acetic acid even more beneficial and less expensive by far, than any other known alternative. The Buckets of Elements, water, soil and tissue (tissue not exhibited). This is our tool, how we look at your water and soil to identify the potential challenges and areas for improvement (if any). It didn’t identify paint pigment in the greens but it did identify the blockage and it did release the pigment and allow it to flush.

  • BC and Curative used together create a catalyzed super oxidant (peracetic acid).

  • All products contribute sugars to the nutritional profile – amino acids and glycolates.

  • These products do not add essential nutrients, which must be maintained at required levels.

  • Watering practices will have to be modified from flushing, to watering to water. Flushing will move nutrients past root zones, versus to root zones. With infiltration, sodium will be the first mineral solubilized with about any quality of water, and run past the root zones versus pooled and drank by our vegetation.

2 Pre-Treatment Rules:

  1. If N levels are over 20 ppm, use BC until these levels are reduced.

  2. If sodium and or chloride levels in soil are excessive, over treat 2x and over water 2x, for first several watering, to treat and to move these toxins through the soils and the plants.

Millions of acres served including: turf, golf, sports courts, landscape, agriculture, horticulture, nurseries, ornamental and industrial, agricultural and municipal water wells

What They're Saying

From immediate water movement and noticeable results to longstanding customers who don't ever want to run without it, WaterSOLV is changing water, soil and minds across the globe:

"This is my 8th spring here and we have tried a lot of different things throughout the years and we always have problems. I still stuck with the industry standard. (With WaterSOLV) We've seen some huge results. We started early in about January 2019 and then in February we really started pushing it specifically on greens and saw some huge things with it at the very beginning with movement of water out here being able to drive out on the fairways and not getting the sponge effect. Our sodium issues are finally gone!"

"Twenty-one years I've been doing this.

And your stuff is the only thing different. Its just the best stuff I've ever used...

You cannot tell that it's summer"

- 20 Year Old Box Tree Ranch

Phoenix, AZ

Sustainable Chemistry & Biology to Water

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