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Two Raves in One Day: WaterSOLV Success Stories

Transitions in the AZ Golf world are notoriously tough. And it's always a gamble to take a chance on a new product. So many of our new customers are surprised by how long WaterSOLV™ has been making and keeping courses healthy through every transition as well as troubleshooting specific problem areas. From mussels to black matter to dead spots that just have always refused to grow, the WaterSOLV™Program is changing an industry.

We are proud to share unsolicited success stories from ecstatic users after just 9 months and also after 3 years of continued use without any drop off in vitality, with less water and less nutrition.

Mickey Molton

Orange Tree Country Club

Scottsdale AZ

9 months on WaterSOLV

“Hey Todd,

just to let you know people have been raving

about the golf course the last three years.

I cant believe the improvements.”

Kirby Putt,

AZ Country Club,

Phoenix AZ

3 years on WaterSOLV

HCT’s Approach:

Water has basic characteristics as to its properties and how it will affect where it is used. These properties are defined by the waters “solvency” and its’ biological profiles. We chemically exchange places with bicarbonate and add a proton to sodium converting once soluble salts, back to stable soluble salts, where they can process through the soil profile and be available for uptake. WaterSOLV™ BC adds oxygen and water to the entire soil profile to further mitigate anaerobic black layer and without damage to organic matter and turf yellowing.

From 100% reclaimed water, hard water, soft water, blended water, canal, pond, estuary, well water, and varying conditions like rainfall, wind, heat, evapotranspiration, elevation, humidity; all of these variables have been normalized successfully with two WaterSOLV™ chemical additives exceeding the expectations of more than 60 golf course superintendents (and 3 million acres of agriculture and nurseries).

We have converted water hardness, soil scale and bound up fertilizer to available nutrition at pH values of over neutral 7.0, often shocking and delighting rightfully skeptical industry veteran groundskeepers and agronomists.

Orders and Inquiries

Phone: (888) 788-5807
Text: (480) 650-6955
24 hour max response time

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