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Update: First Quarter 2020 HCT's World of Water

We’re putting our materials at your fingertips: HCT Launches Website Based Presentations and Tools

Our materials are at your fingertips, downloadable from our website to your computers. Tools include calculating treatment volumes and costs, water and soil analysis and interpretations, even pump settings based on your individual pump and chemical feed rates/requirements. . Case studies, brochures, even presentations, all the essential tools are now available on our website for immediate download.

AG Photos: Turf Tools:

Golf Course Water Treatment Installations

With several years pursuing turf clients, namely golf courses and sports turfs, the trends are revealing themselves. Some of the business we receive are GCS’s and Managers at the end of their rope, namely issues of infiltration, available nutrition and biofilms.

Case Studies

Texas Transformation 2018 to 2019 comparison - over 7,500 data points In Denton Texas, the property subscribes to Turf Dietitian weekly data analysis of soils and tissues. This study compares the elements from 2018 without the treatment to 2019 with the treatment. Most significant changes other than exceptional vitality – restored the infiltration on the greens (even flushing paint pigment), alleviated collar and fairway slosh, alleviated sodium burn of turf, shrubs and trees.

Split Green Study Florida – 8 weeks over 2,700 data points Experts in the field just couldn’t believe what they were seeing in the movement of elements through soils including and most significantly sodium and its detoxification. This led to the Split Green Study – 8 weeks of data, 1⁄2 of the green treated, the other half not treated. Over 2,700 data points.

GS7 Chemigation Systems Now Work with Wi-Fi

Please join me in congratulating Joe Wantulok and his team for taking what we refer to as the GS7 Chemigation System to next level – WiFi visible and operable from our cell phone or tablet, including tank level and rules-based alarms and notifications. How much peace of mind when you can log on from your cell phone and see how much water went out last night (or didn't) or check your tank levels from your desk. A two pump, two product delivery system at 1⁄2 the cost of a single sulfuric acid system. Plug and play – no bulk tanks, no bulk refills, no bulk tank replacement after +/- 10 years - just plug into your tote or drum and away you go – about 1 delivery a year and 1/10th the volume of chemistry. Safe, still acid but does not burn the skin.

Hello to Our New Turf Distribution Partners

We welcome to our distribution network; Planet Turf (Pacific Northwest), Plant Health Solutions (East Coast), Turf Care of Texas, Arkansas Turf and Gateway Turf (South Central Region).

Landscaping with HCT’s Splash Blend

Finally, the deteriorating fate of sulfuric acid and gypsum are revealing themselves with vigor in the landscape industry as well, where homeowners and associations are at their end of their rope trying to grow grass and maintain vegetation. These places show hard-pan, anoxic soil conditions, trees struggling to survive, plants with root rot, dealing with reclaim water, more unavailable nutrition additives, followed with costly aerification and sand, meager and diminishing results year over year. In cooperation with HCT Dealers and Distributors, Splash Blends are being produced, where both Curative and BC are offered in bulk in a single product, suitable in dilution in water for stability, as well as using the existing acid pumps and containers. Where reclaim water is considered substandard water, with WaterSOLV treatment it is loaded with vital nutrients and harvested for vegetation vitality. Some of the worst reclaim water is being treated and producing excellent turf, shrub and tree vitality with outcomes that are sustainable.

Water Well Rehabilitation

A newly converted believer back in 2016 who is still happy today. Longevity is our specialty.

Wells Rehabilitations / e.coli and coliforms

. . . remediations as well following competitive technique failures Wynn Las Vegas City of Anaheim City of Riverside West Kern County Water District Santa Fe, NM – 22 year old, steel, louvered, restored to original production Pump in place bioremediations in Central Valley CA Several well projects in Utah through our affiliate Ameriwest Water Services. Multiple projects completed in New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Coachella, Hemet, Irvine, Newport Beach

Welcome new certified Well-Klean Applicators:

Cascade Environmental Services Layne

Congratulations Elite Acid and Ag Water & Diversified Products Big congrats to Elite Acid and Ag Water & Diversified Products for their exceptional successes in serving WaterSOLV Solutions to growers throughout the Central Valley of California. Over 90 installations this season and more to be done.

The story gets even better in recovery of their clients crops vitality and water penetration, at lower cost, sustainable reactions, and higher levels of product safety. The word is out, coffee talk as well appears to be spreading the word.

Elite acid is also operating as a service provider, serving the equipment and WaterSOLV needs for farms supply companies. We’d like to call out the names of some very special people in that arena as well, Steve Dugo, Scott Severson, Dante Rojas and the family at Mid Valley Ag.

We’re going nuts in more ways than one Blue Diamond had a great experience with us on a new crop, in hard water and difficult soils. The CCA commented that what impressed him the most after the first season was the tree uniformity. Well you know what that means, equilibrium, the plants are getting just about exactly the same nutrition throughout the block.

Everywhere we go we hear amazing overall results. And as the hora would have it, we engage with a nut grower who’d like us to participate in a thorough study – multiple A – B block evaluations, different areas of the Central Valley, along with other blocks yields prior year to this coming year with treatment. We’re looking forward to reporting the data, images and ROI.

Interesting relationships with Sodium and Boron

In conventional agronomy, boron toxicity gets blamed for a lot of toxicity, but in many cases, we’ve identified the sodium and chloride levels being overlooked. We’ll continue to log data and see where this will lead. Lots of good data on the internet, and lots of high boron, sodium and chloride under our treatment.

Sodium – Not to worry. Look at these soil levels without and with WaterSOLV

Is pH a driving force?

The more we learn about pH and the by-products of biology, the more we see that plants are what they drink. What is most readily available to them naturally are toxic (sodium, chloride and zinc), and bacteria form bio-films that restrict plants nutrition and hydration uptake and gradually toxify the plant with H2S. Likewise we completely overlook the saturation of salts in a solution regardless of the solution's pH value, where at zero pH you can’t dissolve soluble scale. Learn more about how pH impacts with our Vetting pH document.

Brown Spots are Gone for the First time in 20 Years See more testimonials on our YouTube Channel.

Examples of Bad Water Treated with WaterSOLV

That Produced Exceptional Vegetation

Questions, comments, references, referrals, we’re delighted to be of assistance.

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