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WaterSOLV BC & Well-Klean Well Application Overview

Alpha Southwest, Inc. is New Mexico’s premier supplier of custom engineered pumping systems, fluid handling systems, water treatment systems, wastewater & storm water pumping systems, SCADA systems, and measurement instruments.

ASW’s service capabilities include fabrication, machining, installation, support & maintenance, well services, and general contracting. Three years later, they’re still one of our happiest and most successful customers.

The removal of scale and what they call metallic oxides is an easy task for Well-Klean© descalers. The removal of biomatter is a technique, as is the amount of chemistry and type, application techniques, cleaning procedures and soak times, while balancing the amount of energy the casing may handle, to offset chemical requirements.

The proof is in the beaker! Hydrochloric acid dissolving water well scale and a seashell. Note as we add our Well-Klean© blend the drastic reaction: it's carbon dioxide being liberated!

Have you ever seen anyone put their hand into a beaker of Hydrochloric acid?! This is a great example of how the inhibitors in Well-Klean© protect your equipment while attacking scale. This inhibitor allows us to utilize the power of hydrochloric acid safely and eliminates the need for sulfuric acid which adds sulfides to the environment, leaves behind insoluble scales and readily dissolves iron casing and steel.

We're experts at determine the optimum techniques to give you the optimum, most reliable and longest lasting results through our scientific and mechanical processes. Over 900 wells served in just 4.5 years and mostly municipality drinking water wells."Ever well is unique", not every well needs to be "descaled" and most wells need to be biologically remediated with as much physical energy and possible with damaging the well.

HCT is the first and only company to bring forward a bio-remediation solution for effective well cleaning.

HCT is the first and only company to bring forward science and chemistry that can offer predictable outcomes.

Main Information Needed about your well to get started;

1. Drillers Log

2. Well Diagram

3. Ground Water Constituents (not casing water or casing sludge)

4. Down Well Video

5. Rehab History

6. Type of Well - Potable or not - Extraction, Injection - Vadose, ASR, Artesian - Geothermal

There are some basics about every well we need to consider. Did you now most wells get sick at about 14 years of age and by sick we mean performance becomes problematic. Most wells get sick from being colonized by bacteria, bacteria forming colonies over perforations blocking water flow.

Some wells get sick from the deposition of scale, and in some cases there is a combination of biology and scale. HCT has determined how to tell from the ground water, whether the well is likely sick from biology or scale, or perhaps leaning towards one side or the other. We also know there are two major forms of bacteria in the well, iron reducing and sulfate reducing. Note they are both “reducing”, meaning they degrade iron and sulfur.

They also degrade steel, which then can be a concern for casing integrity and perforation sizes to withhold filter pack. We’d also like you to know that perhaps the worst things you can do to your well are brushing it without the presence of adequate biocide or disinfection, and trying to clean a well with some form of chlorine which is a minor, temporary solution.

If you see elevated levels of iron or sulfur in your water, or your hot water has begun to smell, odds are you have an infection of sulfate reducing bacteria from a sick source of water, perhaps the bottom segment of a water well which can easily transfer to your hot water heater.

Visit our website at: for the downloadable getting started document.

Our assessment algorithm;

If you have any questions about scale, polysaccharides, bio-inhibition, Well-Klean© we want to hear from you:

Call: (888) 788-5807


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