WaterSOLV BC & Well-Klean Well Application Overview

Alpha Southwest, Inc. is New Mexico’s premier supplier of custom engineered pumping systems, fluid handling systems, water treatment systems, wastewater & storm water pumping systems, SCADA systems, and measurement instruments.

ASW’s service capabilities include fabrication, machining, installation, support & maintenance, well services, and general contracting. Three years later, they’re still one of our happiest and most successful customers.

The removal of scale and what they call metallic oxides is an easy task for Well-Klean© descalers. The removal of biomatter is a technique, as is the amount of chemistry and type, application techniques, cleaning procedures and soak times, while balancing the amount of energy the casing may handle, to offset chemical requirements.

The proof is in the beaker! Hydrochloric acid dissolving water well scale and a seashell. Note as we add our Well-Klean© blend the drastic reaction: it's carbon dioxide being liberated!

Have you ever seen anyone put their hand into a beaker of Hydrochloric acid?! This is a great example of how the inhibitors in Well-Klean© protect your equipment while attacking scale. This inhibitor allows us to utilize the power of hydrochloric acid safely and eliminates the need for sulfuric acid which adds sulfides to the environment, leaves behind insoluble scales and readily dissolves iron casing and steel.