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Happy Bermuda after 4 months of Treatment at Bear Creek Golf Complex

“In the front of the green was one of our bad brown spots and I want to take a probe right next to it and show you what we have.

The Bermuda is healthy. It's active and growing and we had a cold cold winter. It wasn’t like the soils were all of a sudden they’re up 60 to 75 degrees.

I have a good amount of Bermuda in there that’s healthy and growing that’s being cut right now that I don’t know if it would have been like this without the product WaterSOLV.

Just recently I was probing (the areas treated) and I realized that that’s nowhere near the amount of black layer when we started back in December.

You can see the difference. You can see that it’s broken down and flushed away and it’s all pretty good and healthy.

All the low lying areas where black layer forms we just had huge dirt spots. You can see some of them are left over on the top but generally it's dissipating, it's breaking down.

So what is between these has grown and gotten healthy and i haven't had to plug all of those

What I’m happy with is the Bermuda alive in there. That was a big thing, plugging in the winter and getting the Bermuda to be alive. We do have a little bit of the black layer still but for the most part we have seen it breaking down. Before we wouldn’t have any water down here; it would be dry because the water was stopping here in this top layer would be all dead

This was probably one of my worst greens this stuff has been sitting there for who knows how long but what’s important to me is look at the rest of the layer. It’s clean, water is getting down there, its consistent it’s not too wet or too dry look all the way down to the bottom I’m getting water down there.

And this is great for me when I see those root zones down there. Look at that root zone.

The water is moving consistently. It’s not sitting, it’s not being blocked by that black layer.”

Mark Dirtadian


Bear Creek Golf Complex

Chandler, AZ

April 4th, 2019

4 months of treatment with WaterSOLV

(888) 788-5807


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