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WaterSOLV Annual Success Photo Contest! $500 PRIZE!

Participate in our Annual WaterSOLV™ Success Photo Contest and earn a chance to win a $500 Home Depot Gift Certificate! We will be giving away a $500 Home Depot gift card to the most dramatic photo evidence of how the WaterSOLV™ program has benefited your operations and supplemented with pictures. Photos will be posted here, on HCT's Photo Page.

Email your photo entry to with the subject PHOTO CONTEST

to enter to win a $500 Home Depot gift card!

Void where prohibited. Must be over 18 years of age. Maximum two entries per person per year.

Selection will be made in Q1 the following year. Contestant will be contacted and noted the winner on the website.

Contestant will have 90 days form the date of the attempted contact to claim the prize.

From agriculture to horticulture to turf we have been astounded along with our customers at just how powerful, consistent and results driven this chemistry is, year after year, for over 3 million acres of agriculture, more than 60 turf and sports facilities and 90% of the Arizona horticultural market.

The feedback from happy WaterSOLV™ customers and distributors goes on and on.

We are so grateful for the success that this program has afforded everyone that uses it,

and we are passionate about sharing those results with the world.

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