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Solving Infiltration and Salt Issues for Two Years at Wigwam Golf | WaterSOLV

WaterSOLV has been Changing the Game at Wigwam For Two Years

and It Just Keeps Getting Better

"I think the nice part about WaterSOLV™is that it allows what you have to work with work, and makes it stronger. It makes it available. You always know there’s something working in the plant's favor. You almost take the water as a negative when all of a sudden you’re not worried about it crippling you agronomically. WaterSOLV™ has become a foundation product for us in our agronomic plan."

"We haven’t seen growth drop off - we haven’t seen quality drop off - its just the opposite - things are only getting better - they are growing more consistently - they are allowing us to present a more consistent product all week long. We can aerify the course without bouncing all around, open up the soil, do some cultural practices with a lot more ease. "

"Last year we were in the low 90’s in April and moisture was right around 18/16 percent and we were around 20% on our greens and the ball was bouncing - the place was stressed but the next week we turned the water and slowly turned the bush levels back up and we rebounded and we had no issues for the rest of the year."

"We have such a vast array of micro-climates on this property that I really wanted to see if this product could really make everything a little bit more predictable, a little bit easier for the guys to maintain, similar playing conditions on all three courses and WaterSOLV™ has allowed us to do that."

"We have been on the product for about 2 years. This is our second overseed. When I first started here we had a lot of problems with infiltration. We had to manipulate the irrigation systems. A lot of repeats, a lot of soak time. Water would start at the top of the hill and drain to the bottom and create an uneven playing surface.

The grow in was better. The property became more predictable. There weren’t these highs and lows. Playing conditions started to even out throughout the golf course. Predictability of the ball would hit the ground. We tried everything out here from acid products to synthetic based products. And we weren’t really getting the response we wanted. Our bicarb load wasn’t really going down our salt levels were really staying high, so I figured let’s try it."

Jason Snyder Wigwam Golf Club Superintendent

Infiltration transports nutrition with water. Good infiltration provides plant hydration and nutrition on plant demand. WaterSOLV converts scale and shells to nutrition, detoxifies sodium and provides controlled levels of dissolved oxygen and pure water to the soil profile for vegetation vitality to turf, shrubs and even trees.

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Registered with the California Department of Food and Agriculture Well-Klean© and WaterSOLV™ are trade names of HCT, LLC

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