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Solutions that Last for Fairy Ring, Black Matter, Shells and Clogged Sprinkler Heads

Solutions for Black Matter, Fairy Ring, & Shell Clogged Sprinklers at Westbrook Village Golf Club

The HCT, LLC WaterSOLV Turf program has been revolutionary with golf superintendents for its multifaceted impact on turf management, revitalizing even the most problematic, unfavorable water and soil conditions with one or two of HCT's water treatment additives.

Black matter, sprinklers clogged with shells, impenetrable mineral scale and soil cake, caliche, dead spots that you may have given up on, even fairy ring, all can be resolved with our unconventional, break-through chemistry at just 1 to 3 gallons per acre ft. of water use. Try it out by just spray treating the toughest spot on your course for a few weeks to see real results.

“First summer in seven years that we haven’t had to remove a single sprinkler head because of shells. Taking the heads apart and cleaning them out is so labor intensive.”

“We’ve been able to relieve a full person from fixing sprinklers and emitters, to put him on a mower."

“We have black layer on one green - it’s a shaded area, not a lot of air circulation there so we were applying a lot of wetting agents there... we haven’t bought any wetting agents this year. I don’t need it. I don’t have to buy it."

“The black layer is gone, along with the fairy ring. We had a lot of issues with fairy ring before. I haven’t seen fairy ring on any part of the course this year.”

“We didn’t have to sod any of these areas at all this year. Even my guys were blown away - they were very skeptical in the beginning but now they are believers and so am I.”

“I’ve never seen anything like it. My guys said if they ever deal with shells again, they’ll quit.”

HCT’s exposure to turf was solicited for salt and mineral remediation with a side benefit of shell remediation. Much to our surprise, shell remediation in sprinkler heads got our foot in the door. Treated course water at 3 gallons of product per million gallons of water (3 ppm). The entire course receives the calcium rich treated water. Treatment levels were to 6 ppm for salt and mineral remediation based on water and soil profile analysis.

HCT is looking forward to treating black layers on greens this coming season during aeration.

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