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WaterSOLV Success at Quail Creek Golf Club | Turf Solutions

Quail Creek Golf Club has more grass than they know what to do with after years of fighting what always felt like a losing battle. Their solution is WaterSOLV.

"We have struggled to grow grass on this golf course for 6 years. We would mow roughs maybe once every three weeks just to do it, we weren't really cutting anything. I could fertilize it all I wanted and it never did anything. This fairway was extraordinarily thin.

A gentleman that lives up here asked when are we going to grow some grass? Its all dirt. Well we've got it now."

"When you used to take this profile all you would see calcium carbonate just loaded all the way inside there you couldn't get a probe in the ground. No water perc whatsoever. I don't water near as much as we used to. We would be running a million plus per night and now we are down to 6 or 7 hundred thousand per night."

"And one of the impressive things that we don't see anymore is.. you could just see the calcium; the white, wherever the water ran off...we have none of that anymore."

"The trees have been here for about 5 years and they never grew, ever. And as you can see they are just exploding. They are blowing out of the ground. We had no aphid issues this year whatsoever. There's something to be said for this product and what it does for basically everything thats growing. We are really excited."

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