Taking the Guesswork Out of Turf Transitions in Arizona

Paving the Road to a Great Transition

Our clients tell us their transitions are smoother than they ever could have imagined. Even in agriculture and nurseries, the signs of heat stress have dissipated, growth and vitality continue while using less water and managing pH values at 7.0. We're producing some of the highest quality turf, striped Bermuda fairways in the summer on 1 1/2 inches of dense clay and laid on top of granite rock. The same fairway carrying 660 ppm of sodium at pH 7.81.

Three of the many courses we treat in the southwest are are giving us great feedback.

Papago Golf Course was our first course in Arizona and has been using the WaterSOLV program for just under 2 years. Wigwam Resort has been on the WaterSOLV program for 8 months, AZ Country Club for 4 months, Westbrook Village 9 months. They are all seeing results they have shared with us.

"I can see it in the vitality of the turf and the feel in the soil and in 4 months I've saved $4,000 in fertilizer - More for less"