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Revolutionary Solutions for Reclaimed and Hard Water and the Toughest Soil

WaterSOLV™ Solutions - Two break-through chemical technologies that are changing the industry of agronomy. What plagues our industry is nutrient availability and anoxic bacteria. We can see how happy the soil and plants are through rate of growth, uniformity and vitality, increased product quality and notably increased yields.

The culprits are carbonate, alkalinity, bacteria combined with sulfur, and the bio-excretion of polysaccharides, followed by the lack of oxygen. Do we assess our water quality and soil conditions incorporating bacteria and oxygen? Is black layer a function of sulfur and bacteria with the lack of oxygen?

  • The right products for the right problems

  • Precise Prescriptions

  • Four years of reproducible results across the western US

  • 100% success rate when used as prescribed

Effective throughout the southwest region of the US including

  • Central Valley and Imperial Valley of California

  • Yuma Irrigation District

  • Now expanding into the Gila River Indian Irrigation and Drainage District

Over 2,000,000 acres of successful applications. Products registered with the California Department of Food & Agriculture - Non-nutrient value, Water Treatment, comparable to alkalinity reduction chemistry (including sulfuric acid).

WaterSOLV™ Curative can replace the need of RO water and sulfuric acid. The harder the water and soil, the more nutrients to harvest at no cost. Additional chemistry will break down existing complexes in the soil to render them available as well as temporarily reducing nutrient demand. Likewise, salt, sodium is satisfied by a proton donation while chloride is gassed off. They no longer complex, crystallize or attach, allowing them to finally flush out of the soil profile.

RO removes all nutrients to form pure H20 making all ions soluble and available. Sulfuric acid momentarily increases water solubility by increasing the hydrogen ion concentration by reduced pH. RO is not feasibly economical, sulfuric acid leads to more complexed dense scale accumulation and force-feeding gypsum. WaterSOLV™ Curative exchanges with carbonate to form ions that will not scale when evaporated to dryness and are powder, readily available for hydration ans in a more suitable chemical form for easier plant uptake.

Use on organic crops as a water treatment chemical is at the discretion of the individual inspector.

As a comparison: on average; 1 gallon of Curative converts 1 A/ft. of water to rain like quality.

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