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Why and How to Stop Using Sulfuric/N-pHuric Acid

WaterSOLV Curative makes sulfuric and all the headaches that come with it a thing of the past.

This is how WaterSOLV Curative changes some boundaries of agronomy.

1. Infiltration, Available Hydration & Nutrition - The evaporative salts of strong acids do not redissolve by the use of strong acids. In other words, when water is acidified with sulfurous acids, as water evaporates, the minerals (and nutrients) concentrate, nucleate and form crystals. As time goes on, these crystals become more like cement and infiltration of water and nutrients become challenging. Water demand increases, plant vitality suffers due to stress from unavailable hydration and nutrition. Expenses increase as well.

2. Biology - Additionally, the Sulfur left behind from the use of sulfurous acids, as well as the unwanted nitrogen from the urea, with certain levels of bacteria in the water, feeds sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB), also known as black layer. SRB is anaerobic, does not require oxygen, grows exponentially and the rate of growth increases with elevated temperatures to a degree. SRB release hydrogen sulfide gas which is toxic to plants, and when threatened they produce polysaccharide which repels everything - water, nutrition, even strong acids. SRB, also known as black layer, is toxic and expensive to consistently battle with expensive fungicides, aerification, sanding and favorable bacteria. Maintain an aerobic soil profile and win the war of vitality, efficiency and optimum yields.

3. Sustainability - The buildup of cementation leads to applying gypsum, also known as drywall, which is a desiccant, and also leaves behind insoluble calcium oxalate, further hindering infiltration, vegetation vitality and optimum yield. WaterSOLV ingredients are completely sustainable and completely aid in the sustainable fate of soils and vegetation vitality including the addition of amino acids and sugars into the nutritional profile.

4. ROI - Save money, not just in the cost of the acid but the amount of additional water and watering frequency, the increase in stands, plant vitality and enhanced yields, the gain of product and quality, efficiency of nutrition, harvesting of bound nutrition, with less resources and expenses.

5. Sodium - Through the acid, we are remediation and mitigate sodium, sodium chloride, calcium and ferric chloride.

Turning Scale to Sodium that Can Flush

6. Safety - Safer than swimming pool acid you can purchase in the supermarket and compared to sulfuric or N-pHuric, you need just 1/10th the amount of product and each year the product demand will become less and less as the soils and the crops become rehabilitated. Just 550 gallons of WaterSOLV Curative displaces 5,500 gallons of 93+% sulfuric acid and the gypsum.

Millions of acres served; turf, golf, sports courts, landscape, agriculture, horticulture, nurseries, ornamental and even water wells (industrial, agricultural and municipal).

From immediate water movement and noticeable results to longstanding customers who don't ever want to run without it, WaterSOLV is changing water, soil and minds across the globe:

"This is my 8th spring here and we have tried a lot of different things throughout the years and we always have problems. I still stuck with the industry standard. (With WaterSOLV) We've seen some huge results. We started early in about January 2019 and then in February we really started pushing it specifically on greens and saw some huge things with it at the very beginning with movement of water out here being able to drive out on the fairways and not getting the sponge effect. Our sodium issues are finally gone!"

"Twenty-one years I've been doing this. And your stuff is the only thing different. Its just the best stuff I've ever used."

Sustainable Chemistry & Biology to Water

Well-Klean©, WaterSOLV™, Water Treatment for Agronomy™ and Water pHix are trade names of HCT, LLC

Select products are accredited by NSF Standard 60, ANSI, Standards Council of Canada,

and the California Department of Food & Agriculture

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