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Arizona Country Club: WaterSOLV is doing Absolute Wonders for Our Turf

We engaged with Arizona Country Club in February of 2018. The course was in great shape and watered with the SRP canal water - no reclaim but plenty of bacteria. The clients incentive to give us a try was that he could tell it was taking a lot more resources to get his turf to respond to treatment and transition, and one of his good colleagues was touting the program having been on the program for the prior 20 months (Papago Golf Course, our BETA site).

Papago Golf treated with WaterSOLV

After being on the program just 90-100 days, Mr. Putt stated "I believe I'm seeing the impact of the chemistry in the vitality of the turf and the infiltration and retention of moisture in the soil. I'm actually starting to feel the turf and soil."

We did some math a thought we would share it with you;

The application of the Curative solution has been 3.91 fl. ounces per day per acre.

The application of the BC has been 0.35 fl. ounces per day per acre.

Mr. Putt also stated "I thought my best transition was last year. But this year took it to an entirely higher level. I don't know exactly what's going on but it is totally changing our soil and turf to lush and vitality. People are commenting on it and it's June 15th."

In another scenario, we had a course accidentally apply 75 gallons of Curative product in one evening. His hardpan went away and his grass growth has flourished ever since. He actually purchased some turf regulator. In this scenario he applied 96 fl. ounces on an acre in one evening. One of their notable clams to fame, uniformity.

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