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Fountain Hills: The Turf Looks Better Than We Have Ever Seen

At Fountain Hills, in 4 weeks we have gone from only being able to grab a 1 inch soil plug to now being able to grab 6 inches. Turf looks better than they have ever seen and we’re just pumping Curative. BC starts next week.

This is by far the worst conditions of water for turf I think we will ever face. The fountain pond is 15 ft. deep, 100% reclaimed water and absolutely zero discharge with Arizona desert temperatures, lack of rainfall, and massive evaporation from the fountain use. While water fowl, fish and turtles enjoy the lake, so does algae to the extent you can't see more than 2 inches under the waters surface. Surprisingly, the total bacteria in only 2 exponents. The lake is only treated with aerification.

No water is ever removed or filtered from the pond and it is the only source of water for the turf. When the fountain runs, we experience a huge amount of evaporation of pure water, leaving behind super saturated water back into the pond of minerals and salt.

The curative is looking great having only put out 5 ppm over the past 2 months. Continuous Liquid Aerification from our BC in combination with WaterSOLV Curative will bring results rapidly and with vegetation vitality like never seen before - especially in these conditions.

"It seems the black layer is in regression with just the WaterSOLV Curative. I'll keep an eye on it as it seems to be getting better" 1/2018, Gary Hickerson, Papago Golf Course

"WaterSOLV Curative suppresses the conditions conducive to supporting anaerobic bacteria and so gradual reduction has been observed by a lot of users and even at this early stage of users.

The BC product however goes after it directly, and, it oxygenates and hydrates the soil, combating anoxic biomatter while enhancing the performance of aerobic bacteria and vitality of turf. WaterSOLV BC is usually only applied at 1/2 to 1 1/2 ppm - on the average golf course in the Southwest it is about 55 gallons and just $2,000 a year." Todd Eden, HCT.

Continuous soil Aeration through water treated with WaterSOLV™ BC.

"The product has definitely opened up the ground and soften things. We rarely break aerification tines when we aerify areas throughout the property. I'm looking forward to seeing things during transition." 1/2018 Jason, Wigwam Golf Resort, Litchfield Park, AZ

Continuous Mineral, Nutrient and Salt Mitigation through Chemistry with WaterSOLV™ Curative

"I wouldn’t want to operate the course without it." 8/2017 Gary, Tempe, AZ

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