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WaterSOLV Curative to the Rescue: Snail Overrun Irrigation Epidemic

Snails plugging landscape irrigation lines in West Valley of metro Phoenix have become a costly epidemic that requires nonstop work for growers, landscapers and superintendents alike. HCT WaterSOLV™ Curative makes the never ending plugged emitter battle a thing of the past through environmental chemical water treatment.

One client reports having 3,000 compromised emitters due to an explosion in the snail population and as soon as they are cleaned, they are plugged shortly after.

Just 3 ppm of WaterSOLV™ Curative can "SOLV" the problem, hands free, putting the calcium taken out of the water, back into the water as available plant and turf nutrient. Not only does this save labor hours, the loss of vegetation and tax payer dollars, it increases plant vitality while reducing water usage. We expect water savings to be near 20%.

Seeing is Believing: See What Papago Golf is saying about WaterSOLV™ and Their Course

One of our biggest turf clients and fans began using the WaterSOLV™ program for similar reasons. They haven't had a single plugged sprinkler head since September of 2016.

We initially applied our material by continuous chemical injection at the rate of 1 gallon per A/ft. of water or 3 ppm for 6 months. Then based on water and soil analysis we increased the dosage to further mitigate salt and hardness in the source water and what had built up over time in the soil profile.

Mussel Case Study In Arlington

Arlington is in Arizona between Buckeye and Gila Bend. One adult mussel purifies 1 liter of water of day. Mussels are invaluable for purifying water. However they also strip the water of essential ecological necessities to sustain aquatic life, colonize water ways that block water flow, and rob soil of the essential minerals necessary for optimal plant health because they are using essential minerals to build their shells. As this canal is cleaned, water quality shifts for growers from clean and pure needing essential minerals, to extremely hard, scale forming water.

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