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HCT at ASU School of Sustainable Engineering

HCT Founder Todd Eden presents the WaterSOLV™ and Well-Klean© Programs for the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment at Arizona State University.

WaterSOLV Breaking Exciting Ground in Fountain Hills

"At Fountain Hills, in 4 weeks we have gone from only being able to grab a 1 inch soil plug to now being able to grab 6 inches. Turf looks better than they have ever seen and we’re just pumping Curative. BC starts next week.

This is by far the worst conditions of water for turf I think we will ever face. The fountain pond is 15 ft. deep, 100% reclaimed water and absolutely zero discharge with elevated temperatures and massive evaporation. No water is ever removed or filtered from the pond and it is the only source of water for the turf. Even worse, when the fountain runs, we experience a huge amount of evaporation of pure water, leaving behind super saturated water back into the pond of minerals and salt. They did install a water aeriation system in the pond water which has also made a positive difference.

The curative is looking great having only put out 5 ppm over the past 2 months. Looking forward to get a video testimonial from Kevin in about 4 months once the BC gets its chance to add vitality."

"'The soil I bought is absolutely horrible. It is so loaded with calcium and caliche!' That hard, chalky, calcium laden soil is just bound up nutrient that WaterSOLV™ will make available." Todd Eden, Founder, HCT LLC

"I’ve been convinced that the HCT product solves many of the problems we face in reclaim water treatment and I’m working to get you set up with some of our other sites." - Conrac Solutions - April 2018

HCT installs the WaterSOLV Program at a residential community in Bel-Air, CA. April 2018

HCT engages with Helena and an end user in the turf industry in Las Vegas, NV to overcome problems associated with potable and reclaimed water. Las Vegas, NV - April 2018

HCT opens representation in the Colorado Marketplace for turf with Simplot Partners. April 2018

HCT agricultural solutions land end users in various locations throughout Arizona including Yuma, Maricopa and Coolidge. October 2017 through April 2018

HCT and USP Technologies partner in bulk storage and delivery of WaterSOLV BC. April 2018

HCT has delivered bulk WaterSOLV Curative ans WaterSOLV BC to multiple locations throughout the Central Valley of California. Bulk equates a single shipment of over 5,000 gallons - April 2018

"We're breaking ground on a new 100+ acre sports complex and we want the program online at day 1." Tucson, AZ - March 2018

"The Knife Test" They couldn't get even a knife to penetrate the fairway , not even an inch. and after just 5 days of treatment, they were able to easily penetrate the soil and penetrate the entire length of the knife. -Tucson, AZ - March 2018