Treat and Dilute Your Chlorine Above Ground and Put an End to Constantly Sick Water Wells with Water

Pouring chlorine down a steel cased water well causes many primary and secondary problems. Until now there were just no other viable treatment options. Wells still have to be disinfected with chlorine, but these mild steel coupon reactions demonstrate the noticeable difference between using chlorine for cleaning and using WaterSOLV BC ™ and returning a sick or abandoned well back to optimal health.

The first beaker is pure distilled water, the second is 10% vol. chlorine and the last is 10% vol. WaterSOLV ™ BC, a peroxide based solution.

Each beaker has a mild steel coupon inserted so you can see over the course of 24 hours how chlorine exacerbates problems that never occur with our peroxide-based solution during classical water well rehabilitation practices. Now we can see why chlorine causes so many problems when improperly used to treat a sick water well or during the disinfection phase.

So how do you chlorinate to disinfect your well with chlorine and not cause such a problematic reaction? Completely dilute your chlorine above ground, then tremie it into place and then allow it to go to work, or use a screened bag method to disperse the proper amount of chlorine throughout the casing. But whatever you do, remember, chlorine is a very effective disinfectant, it is extremely corrosiv