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HCT Partners Revitalizing Turf in Tucson, AZ with the WaterSOLV™Program

From impenetrable caliche to reclaimed and hard water woes, growing turf in Tucson, AZ is no easy task. That is, until you add just a few parts per million of HCT WaterSOLV™ and watch the power of smart chemistry release all the natural minerals that are bound up in the water and soil.

We met with six greenskeepers this week in Tucson to discuss all the different issues they face growing turf. While each course and their sources of water are unique, they shared many of the same problems: black matter in seemingly arid soil, huge caliche deposits, dehydrated soil, grass, and trees, salts that won't flush, and soil that just won't absorb much less retain water.

Water and soil samples are all we need to asses the mineral, sodium, sulfur and bacteria content of the water to prescribe the precise amount of treatment necessary.

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